{Disk ONLY} Get Fit with MEL B (PS3) [UK Import] Playstation.Move version enhanced with PlayStation Eye

{Disk ONLY} Get Fit with MEL B (PS3) [UK Import] Playstation.Move version enhanced with PlayStation Eye

  • A comprehensive program created by Mel B with leading health experts specifically for PlayStation®Move motion controller.
  • More interaction than any other workout game; Appear on-screen with Mel and receive coaching tips specific to YOU
  • Aim to reach one or multiple fitness and health goals. You tell Mel what you want and she helps you get there.
  • Enjoy a custom nutrition plan based on your goals and your likes and dislikes. Don’t like shellfish? Can’t eat pork? Gluten is an issue? No problem, just tell Mel and she’ll create delicious menus perfect for you.
  • Every component of Mel’s program is based on years of research and proven fitness principals. If you follow Mel’s guidance and stick with the program, you cannot fail to reach your goals.

NOTE : This is being shipped disk only, no box, to keep the price down.

Get Fit with Mel B is a comprehensive fitness program created by world-famous Spice Girl Mel B in partnership with leading health experts. The program takes advantage of Sony’s brand new Move technology, allowing for a one-on-one fitness experience like no other.

The program includes a wide variety of exercises designed to develop strength, tone, flexibility and aerobic fitness and is complemented by full nutritional advice, which includes recipes and shopping lists based on your unique goals, likes and dislikes. It’s like having a real personal fitness coach right there in your home!

In Get Fit with Mel B, you will appear on-screen alongside Mel. She will monitor your performance, giving tips on the improvement of form as well as encouragement when the going gets tough. Choose to work out in varied locations, tell Mel your goals, what kind of exercise equipment you have (such as dumbbells, resistance bands etc.) and she will tailor a program just for you.

Get Fit with Mel B is a huge leap forward in the home fitness field and will help you lose the pounds, get in shape or reach a new level of health.

* PlayStation Move offers a unique fitness experience. In addition to bring on-screen with Mel B, PlayStation Move’s technology can see and record every detail of your exercise. This means that unlike other programs that assume you’re doing things correctly, the program can actually determine if you need help or guidance and then offer positive feedback enabling you to get it right and progress in your fitness goals. It’s like having your own real-life coach!

List Price: $ 11.62

Price: $ 11.62

How to Make Green Bean Casserole, Low Carb Version

For more easy healthy recipes, be sure to go to www.FaveDiets.com In this video, Kent Altena ( http ) presents one of the best low carb recipes for Thanksgiving, Green Bean Casserole. Kent says, “I wanted to help others start working on their menus in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. I hope you guys enjoy this series, and they help prevent feeling deprived for the holidays.” Ingredients: 16 oz Frozen Green Beans 1 Medium Onion, Sliced 2 stalks celery, finely chopped 8 oz cheddar cheese, shredded 2 TBS butter 1/4 cup mayonnaise 1/4 tsp Salt 1/2 tsp Black Pepper 1/8 tsp Garlic Powder Nutrition Info: (Makes 8 Servings) 200 Calories, 16g Fat, 7g Carbs (2.2g Fiber), 7g Protein For more healthy meal ideas, check out and download the “How to Have Healthy Eating Habits: 7 Healthy Meal Ideas” eCookbook for free – www.favediets.com

Phil Kay – Comedy Health and Safety Video FULL VERSION

Back by popular demand, here is the full version of the Comedy Health and Safety Video starring the Scottish comedian Phil Kay. This is a REAL H&S video I made for a company in Scotland. In the short version, I mention that I sat through the H&S induction at the company before I proposed making this video and was shocked to find it one of the most boring things I had ever been forced to suffer through! I vowed to make the induction more fun and this was the result. Let me know what yo think. 🙂
Video Rating: 3 / 5

MasterCook Deluxe 8.0 [OLD VERSION]

MasterCook Deluxe 8.0 [OLD VERSION]

  • Easy meal planning with 7,000+ recipes and expert nutritional analysis
  • Quickly search by ingredient, food type, cook time, and more
  • Conveniently download to PDA, email, or print shopping lists
  • Culinary experts give advice in step-by-step instructional videos
  • Prepare hundreds of recipes in less than 20 minutes

Your Complete Recipe and Nutrition ManagerProduct Information In today’s busy world it’s a challenge to find time to create new and deliciousmeals for you and your family. Now with MasterCook Deluxe 8.0 life in thekitchen just got a whole lot easier.  With more than 7000 family-tested recipes MasterCook 8.0 is the most powerfulkitchen tool available. Plan meals learn professional techniques personalizeand print cookbooks and more. With the MasterCook easy-to-use interface youcan become the chef you want to be.   Just because you’re short ontime your meals don’t have to be short on taste! Plan yourmenus instantly with thousands of recipes learn time-saving tips and help keep your family healthy.Your invaluable kitchen resource from on the go to cooking like apro!  Manage your recipes manage your health!Product Features America’s favorite #1 best selling cooking software 7000+ delicious recipes  (400+ new baking recipes) Add your own favorite recipes Get expert nutritional analysis Helpful meal and menu planner – makes it easy to plan tasty meals for days weeks even months in advance. Recipes for special dietary needs – accommodates special diets and health conditions by searching for recipes with low fat no sugar low carbohydrates no dairy low sodium and more. Professional tips and techniques from the On Cooking culinary textbook and Food or Fifty cookbook to help cooks of every skill level. Party planning made easy for 5 to 50 guests with festive entertainment ideas to dazzle your guests. Download recipes and shopping lists to your PDA Cookbook Categories: Casual Dining Delicious Desserts Deluxe Appetizers Food for Fifty Happy Hour Hot Off the Grill International Classics Kid Approved Mealtime Meat Lo

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Price: $ 6.95

What is Dream Dinners? (version 1)

Save grueling, expensive repetitive trips to the grocery store and learn how to assemble meals in minutes with healthy, fresh raw ingredients. You customize them to meet your family’s taste and dietary needs. It’s a busy moms secret dinner solution answering that 5’oclock question, “What’s for Dinners?”. Visit DreamDinners.com for additional details and to find a location near you.

Learning Company Kid Pix Deluxe 4 (Version 2)

Learning Company Kid Pix Deluxe 4 (Version 2)

  • Designed with extensive input from teachers and students
  • Ability to control which graphics libraries are active for a project
  • Bilingual – English/Spanish Support
  • A 17% larger workspace, visible menu bar, tool tips, and help movies make Kid Pix Deluxe 4 for Kids easier to use
  • For Ages 4 and Up

The new Kid Pix Deluxe 4 has been designed with extensive input from teachers and students to be the best personal productivity and creativity tool. It combines the realistic art tools and powerful graphic handling capability of Kid Pix Deluxe 3 with the design simplicity, ease-of-use and Spanish language support of Kid Pix Studio Deluxe.If your child is an aspiring artist, the Learning Company Kid Pix Deluxe 4 may be the ideal art tool to help fuel his or her huge imagination. Freshly updated with an easier-than-ever interface, a larger creative canvas, and a host of irresistible new tricks and tools, Kid Pix Deluxe 4 Home Edition invites artistic kids to paint, stamp, scribble, write, imagine, explore and dream — all with the click of a mouse.

A easy-to-view menu bar, rollover descriptions, and helpful videos to speed up classroom adoption.

Teachers can control graphics and background libraries for individual projects.

Think of Kid Pix Deluxe 4 as the ultimate creative playground for your child. With it you can create dynamic works of art using a variety of virtual media — from oil paints and collage to rainbows, trees and more. Kid Pix lets you work with traditional art tools like chalk, paint, pencil and crayons in the Realistic Paint Mode, or “crazy art tools” such as the “electric mixer,” wacky brushes, spray paint and more.

The sky truly is the limit to your child’s imagination, and Kid Pix knows that better than anyone. A nifty Sound Art! feature lets your child paint wild pictures using the sound of his or own voice! And we all know how much bugs play a role in a youngster’s imagination. Kid Pix lets them spray scenes with 3D shapes, including bugs and candy, and it lets them get real messy with the use of special effects such as warp, splash and smear. The program even lets children create their own animated movies!

As an added feature that will help your child create their own holiday gifts and enhance the family photo albums, Kid Pix has a photo customization feature that allows you to import photos so that you child can customize them with thousands of stickers, stamps and special effects. Your child can choose from more than 500 backgrounds that can enhance the photos, and from the new creations they can make slide shows, storybooks and much more.

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List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 6.00