Drink today and drown all sorrow

Drink today and drown all sorrow
Image by Neal.
Drink today and drown all sorrow
You shall perhaps not do it tomorrow
Best, while you have it,use your breath
There is no drinking after death.
Ben Jonson.
Here’s the thing, it is physically impossible for me to get drunk – don’t ask it’s a long story 🙂

Is McDonalds really giving away a Free Chicken Sandwich today if you buy a Coke?

Question by *me*: Is McDonalds really giving away a Free Chicken Sandwich today if you buy a Coke?
Because if this is true, I am going there, I have 4 mouths to feed. And yes I usually don’t take my kids to resturants, I cook healthy meals because I am home all the time, just look at my avatar name. But I won’t pass up free food.

Best answer:

Answer by dollypartonfan
Yes they are!

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What I Ate Today

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today ..

today ..
Healthy Food Ideas
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1. I am thankful for hearing about Tsilli Pines’s artwork. I really enjoy the simplicity of it.
2. I am thankful for having dreams. I am thankful for meeting people that taught me more about dreaming and that dreams can become reality. I am thankful for people that are actively working on their dreams becoming reality because it sets a good example for me and it makes me keep trying. I am thankful for allowing myself some time and space to think about and work on my dreams. Thinking about and working on my dreams and seeing other people working on their dreams makes it easier to work through the hard and stuck stuff.
3. I am really thankful for being able to grow flowers, herbs and tomatoes in my space because it helps stoke the fire for my dream of having my own land with beautiful flower and vegetable gardens and a small orchard. The flowers and plants also make this living space more palpable on days I feel frustrated.
4. I am thankful for change and consciously working to create the changes I desire. I am thankful for remembering that I have done change before and everything worked out better than expected. That remembrance is helping me to trust that things are working out perfectly and according to plan .. just not my own! 😉 This helps me to keep moving forward even though my logic brain is having one heck of a temper tantrum. (took me a minute or two to clean up that language on that!)
5. I am thankful to receive an email from a former classmate that did some travelling to Pakistan and Afghanistan this passed summer because it means he has returned safely. I am thankful that although the trip may have presented some challenges, some good has come of them. I am thankful to meet him, it has been a pleasant, interesting and enlightening experience .. I always want to ask him a bazillion questions about his life experience but I don’t want to pry and perhaps he doesn’t like having to hang out in the past to answer questions.
6. I am thankful for thoughtful, caring, coming alive and finding her stride Leah! 🙂
7. I am thankful that my mom’s trip to the dentist was not as bad as her previous encounters with The Dentist have been! Here’s to having happy teeth! 🙂
8. I am thankful for adding heavy housework to my exercise regime! It is a win-win because I get the exercise of working up a sweat, developing muscles and a cleaner, more pleasant living space! I am also discarding several things I don’t particularly like or want. The combined cleaning and removal of obstacles are making moving forward much less daunting and perhaps even pleasant! 🙂
9. I am really thankful for working on hard stuff around forgiving and understanding the relationship with the father of me.
1. What I have decided is that I am thankful that he left when he did and didn’t look back because it stopped him from acting mean toward us and gave my mom lots of space to raise her children better/well.
2. Working on the hard stuff has made me more thankful for how hard my mom worked and always did her very best with what she/we had. And she says I’m stubborn!? pffft! ;P
3. Although she may not always agree with me, I think her daughters turned out ok .. some days even good .. dare I say! 😉 This also helps me to understand why I just keep trying and moving forward no matter what! I read an article by Jonathan Morrow that also assisted in jogging my memory.
4. Forgiving and moving on has helped me to identify some triggers that have/had caused me to plummet into a depression. It is like being angry had reserved a dark hole that I would sometimes trip and stumble down but the forgiveness fills the hole in a bit so I can still see some light if I happen to stumble.
5. Looking closer at the father behaviour is helping me to identify other detrimental patterns I haven’t cleared up yet and begin working with them.
10. I am thankful for promising myself I would do these thankful lists every Wednesday before I sleep because they help me to remember that I have so very much to be thankful for and the original reason why I began making these thankful lists so very long ago. I am thankful for doing these lists out loud instead of just to myself before I sleep, I think they might be as helpful to others as they are to me. I am thankful for others living a life of gratitude with me.
11. I am thankful for actively developing further as a professional artist. What this means to me is that I am developing a schedule by learning what times and days I work best on specific tasks and doing my work. I am learning that step by step one can travel much farther than sitting around trying to devise the best plan to get from point A to point B. Having some kind of momentum does make it easier to get there AND be able to change direction should the need arise. Whoa .. d00d! ;P
12. I am thankful for the tradition a friend and I began a couple of years ago where we meet some time between our birthdays and give “status reports” of what our previous year has looked like, where we are at now and our plan of action for the coming year. The discussions are lively, enlightening, heart warming, butt kicking and involve chocolate!! 🙂
13. I am thankful for forgiving myself for not having a better relationship with my nephew so that I can have more energy to build better relationships with both my nephew and niece in the present. Oddly enough striving to be a better person so that I can be a good role model is part of this.
14. I am thankful for recognising how much I push myself to read and learn but barely give myself a dang break! The way I push myself to learn, grow, improve you’d think I thought there was something wrong or broken with me! I am thankful that I gave myself a break for at least one day .. ironically I suspect that I learnt and accomplished more that one day than I had all previous week!? It wasn’t even an entire day because half of it was spent arguing with myself to chill the heck out! This also helped me to realise that I can definitely stand to learn a lot more about this “celebrate your successes” thing! Which again, ironically is one of the key things I stress when I do life coaching type stuff for other people! Well, at least I can laugh at myself .. now! ;P
15. I am thankful for making myself meditate this week .. I had fallen off the meditation wagon last week. Although I find I prefer to meditate for a shorter duration, it is still equally as important that I do meditate and then write afterward.
16. I am thankful for being able to meet Dianna for our semi-yearly check-in cheering session. I am thankful that it was a nice and sunny day and that there were no (other) kids there so that we could play on the swings in peace! It was nice to connect with another person where we ‘get’ each other and meet each other where we are at. I am thankful that even though there was a super cool reflection of the lake in her sunglasses I was able to still focus on listening instead of picture making. I am very thankful that she is feeling better than she was last time I saw her – she seems much happier and healthier and is moving forward with her dreams! Hooray! 🙂 I am also thankful that she read and returned my Herman and brought me yummy cookies that were still WARM! 🙂 I am thankful she asked some hard questions that only a good friend can ask.
17. I am thankful my mom called yesterday because she had been on my mind a lot lately. I am thankful that she was in town today to bring me goodies and a hug. 🙂 Yep, definitely a very good day for hugs! 🙂
18. I am thankful for the quote of the week brought to me by Tracy, “Crazy shit. Life is weird.” Taken totally out of context but still somehow fits in a ‘well, will you look at that’ while staring at your shoes awkwardly sort of way.
19. I am really thankful that I did the bulk of the list Tuesday because this is about what I have to give at the moment.

Earthworks grass-fed burger … On sale TODAY (Sep 2) at Oryana

Earthworks grass-fed burger … On sale TODAY (Sep 2) at Oryana
Easy Healthy Meals
Image by farlane
Here’s a photo of this recipe from Laura – a bottle of Diabolical Pale Ale from North Peak is not out of place…

Earthworked Hamburgers
This is a really easy, mouth watering, healthy, local, organic meal

Start your coals!

1 lb Earthwork Farm Ground Beef
2 large oyster mushrooms finely chopped (Woods)
1/4 C. Sweet Onion (Garden)
1 – 2 Fresh garlic cloves (Birchpoint Farm)
2 large handfuls of basil (Garden)
2 Tbs. Tamari (Oryana)
4 healthy grinds of pepper (Oryana)
1 Egg (9 Bean Rows)

Use your clean hands to blend the ingredients together in a large bowl & form into hamburgers.


Tomatoes (Garden)
Brioche (if it’s more than 1 day old toast it.) This loaf of bread is versatile, sweet, savory, tears apart like a croissant and always melts in your mouth. (9 Bean Rows)

Pick lettuce (Garden)

(Sauce It)
Olive Oil, Garlic, Herbs, Vinegar
Spicy Mustard

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Price: $ 3.99

Healthcorps: shaping America’s future: by offering students healthy options, a new program is working today for a healthy tomorrow.(OPEN FORUM): An article from: Saturday Evening Post

Healthcorps: shaping America’s future: by offering students healthy options, a new program is working today for a healthy tomorrow.(OPEN FORUM): An article from: Saturday Evening Post

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Citation Details
Title: Healthcorps: shaping America’s future: by offering students healthy options, a new program is working today for a healthy tomorrow.(OPEN FORUM)
Author: Lisa Oz
Publication: Saturday Evening Post (Magazine/Journal)
Date: November 1, 2007
Publisher: Thomson Gale
Volume: 279 Issue: 6 Page: 40(2)

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