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Week #5 Theme : Everyday Life

Week #5 Theme : Everyday Life
Cooking Tips
Image by meg_williams
This week’s theme from the 52½ weeks of 2009 group is ‘Everyday Life’ so I was looking for the mundane and although I enjoy cooking it is something I have to do each day.

During the week I try and cook something in one pot that I prepare prior to doing the school run and is ready when we get home, these garlic cloves were part of the Curried Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup we had today, hearty winter cooking 🙂

Tip – after you’ve chopped the garlic rinse your hands in cool water and then rub them on your stainless steel taps, it gets rid of the garlicky smell.

Healthy Lunch notes for Kids- Holiday Theme

Healthy Lunch notes for Kids- Holiday Theme
Healthy Food For Children
Image by nutrition education
Print Healthy Holiday Theme- Lunch Card Notes for Kids! We also have notes for every season-a cute note reminding them to eat healthy! Tuck on in your child’s lunchbox or with their food money. See all our lunch notes and print FREE pdfs www.nourishinteractive.com/hco/free_printables/printable-…

What does this theme of Healthy Living mean?

Question by Mysterious: What does this theme of Healthy Living mean?
I am writing a essay and I don’t always understand stuff right so can someone explain what their asking me to do here?
{you will work with other girls to complete a Take Action Project on the theme of Healthy Living (Mental Health, Body Image or Eating Disorders). List three project ideas that you would like to complete}
can you please help me

Best answer:

Answer by LadyLynn
1. Daily exercise.
2. Daily diet.
3. Daily meditation, yoga, or deep breathing. (To avoid stress and anxiety.)
Good luck! I hope this helps. 🙂

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Interview: Disney Chef Gary Jones talks healthy theme park food options at quick service and beyond

Visit www.InsideTheMagic.net for more from Disney Magic of Healthy Living – The Weekend and Disney Channel Stars Before the opening ceremony for Disney Magic of Healthy Living – The Weekend at Epcot, we spoke with Disney Chef Gary Jones (Culinary Dietary Specialist) about how Disney refines its theme park food to offer healthy options that still taste good, from quick service to fine dining.