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Is there a way to resume healthy eating habits and not gain weight once the body goes into starvation mode?

Question by ♥: Is there a way to resume healthy eating habits and not gain weight once the body goes into starvation mode?
For about two weeks I was sick with the flu and completely lost all appetite. I would still eat, but very small quantities of food, because otherwise I would get nauseous. In the process I ended up losing about 5 pounds. Now that my flu is gone, my appetite has improved, but I don’t want to gain those 5 pounds back. I exercise and try to watch what I eat, but even so, I’ve already noticed that I’ve begun to gain the weight back. How do I stop this from happening?

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Answer by oldtimekid
A healthy diet and exercise is the first big step. Your metabolism needs to get back up to par in order to keep burning as much as you did before you got sick, so start eating a healthy diet, then start exercising a day or two later. You might gain some of that weight back, but 5 pounds is seldom noticeable unless you are as thin as a stick 😉
Good luck!

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