Is this exercise plan a winner? Will it help me slim down and get toned?

Question by TheLovelyStrange: Is this exercise plan a winner? Will it help me slim down and get toned?
Okay so I read online that Katherine Heigl’s workout was to jump rope for 5 minutes, then do strength training exercises, and then about 25 minutes of cardio such as running. Do you think this exercise plan would work if I put the activities in the opposite order? This is MY exercise plan:

25-45 minutes of running
Strength training exercises
5 minutes of jump roping

Will this help me get strong and fit?

Best answer:

Answer by jack
That sounds great if you stick to it! Any diet/exercise plan will make you strong & fit 🙂

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Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home – 5 Day Slim Down – A Mile Each Morning

Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home – 5 Day Slim Down – A Mile Each Morning

Hey Everybody! Wake up and Walk! Energize your day and super-charge your metabolism with this weight loss program that has everything you need to walk off more weight. With Leslie as your personal coach, you can walk a mile each morning and never leave your home. Choose between 5 different invigorating 1 mile walks, or combine them together for all day fat burning that doesn’t stop even when you do. As a bonus, join Leslie in the kitchen as she guides you through the 5 best breakfasts to fire-up your metabolism. Learn how to prepare foods the fast and easy way and energize your day – the healthy way! Now you have the Meals and the Miles…the best way to start your day for weight loss.

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Slim & Fit Kids – Raising Healthy Children in a Fast-Food World

Slim & Fit Kids – Raising Healthy Children in a Fast-Food World

In 1996, shortly after best-selling author Judy Mazel released the sequel to her original book The New Beverly Hills Diet, Dr. John Monaco, a pediatric critical care specialist and former “fat kid,” turned to Mazel’s program to combat his own critical weight problem and improve his health. After achieving great success himself, he decided that where adults succeeded on the program, kids could, too – perhaps even more so. Most important, Dr. Monaco realized that obesity among children was the main factor precipitating life-threatening diseases among them – such as asthma, diabetes and clinical depression – as well as other serious, though not potentially fatal, problems like excessive strain on bones, joints and muscles.

Mazel and Monaco have teamed up to offer parents Slim and Fit Kids, a one-of-a-kind approach to raising healthy, well-adjusted children. Combining Mazel’s successful twenty-plus years of experience with food combining with Monaco’s pediatric expertise, this book will teach parents everything they need to know about nutrition, digestion and nutrient absorption. This compelling book provides easy-to-understand information on the science of pediatric nutrition, as well as down-to-earth reminders on children’s natural eating habits, making it easy and fun for parents to teach healthy nutritional habits that will last a lifetime.

Divided into parts, the first focuses on children’s obesity. Chapters in this part include an overview of the problem of obesity in children and the diseases and disorders it engenders; Dr. Monaco’s discovery of the Beverly Hills Diet and his idea to adapt it to children’s nutrition; an overview of the digestive process; a summary of developmental nutrition, explaining the nutritional needs and issues of each age group; and personal accounts of the childhood obesity problem. The second part shows parents the practical steps to incorporating the nutritional principles they have learned into a daily program for their kids.

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Summer Slim Down Video Tip #3 Meal Planning Tips

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What’s a good diet and exercise plan that’ll slim the waist and back?

Question by Porschia: What’s a good diet and exercise plan that’ll slim the waist and back?
Since being on depo, i’ve gained 18 pounds, and most of it has went to my to my waist and back. I’d like to lose only the weight from my waist, back, arms and face. What’s a reasonable diet and exercise plan that can help?

Best answer:

Answer by Jzk J
exercise more and eat healthy.

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Quick Healthy Weight Loss – Acai Slim Free Trial

Quick Healthy Weight Loss – Acai Slim Free Trial

Have you been wanting to learn about quick healthy weight loss? Have you heard that you don’t have to exercise. You don’t have to cut back on your food. You just have to get an acai slim free trial and the weight will magically fall off overnight. Yeah right. It’s just not that easy but adding the acai slim free trial diet product to your exercise routine can product tremendous weight loss results.

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Sit down with a cup of plain tea and think about this for a while. Have you ever wondered why there are so many commercials promises instant success, yet there are sill so many overweight individuals?

Quick Healthy Weight Loss

First, is it possible you’ve inherited a fat gene? Maybe yes, maybe no.  Sometimes being heavy runs in family. Yes, it might be genetic, but then again it could be Aunt Mabel’s recipe for mashed potatoes with double butter and sour cream. The point her is to accept what nature gave you and push away from what Aunt Mabel’s trying to give you.
Oh, and by the way, sitting on the porch in a rocker after one of Aunt Mabel’s meals might be relaxing, but it’s doing nothing but expanding your waist line. Get up and go for a walk, for goodness sake.

Next, Check with your doctor. Make sure that the excess wait you’re carrying around isn’t the result of an illness or a side effect of medication you’re taking. Always do this to simply play it safe.
If you’re trying to benefit from quick healthy weight loss, make sure your goals are realistic and achievable. 50 pounds in a 6 week period, is probably not only unrealistic and unhealthy. However 5 to 6 pounds a month is not only realistic, but sustainable. Set larger goals of weight loss over longer periods of time, then break the into monthly goals. Keep these quick healthy weight loss tips in mind when setting your goals for weight loss.

See What Hollywood Stars Are Using To Lose Weight Fast

Goals that look like mountains are much harder to climb than goals that look like hills.

Here’s the hard part – get an exercise plan. You don’t have to jump into working out. Quick healthy weight loss can begin with walking on a daily basis. Add a little bit every day. When you’re feeling comfortable try adding some weights, or yoga. You’ll soon see the difference. If you honestly start to develop this simple plan, you should be able to walk half a mile to a mile within a week. You should be able to easily pick up the pace and lengthen the walk.

These are ideas that will help you with quick healthy weight loss. Remember, adding a proven product like the acai slim free trial offer to your current diet strategy can help you reach your weight loss goals quicker.

Larry Haywood runs the website which provides information on how to lose weight quickly.

You Can Get Slim Thighs and Flat Abdomens From Pilates Exercises

You Can Get Slim Thighs and Flat Abdomens From Pilates Exercises

Pilate is an easy method of fitness work out which helps you to get core strength and body flexibility. It is ideal for dancers and athletes. It will also help reduce pain along with reducing the risk of getting injuries in sports. Pilates dramatically changes the way your body looks, feels and performs.

Pilates has been in existence for more than 5 decades. However, the resurgence of Pilates has been made due to the renaissance in yoga and Tai chi. Pilates has been practiced by professional dancers and top athletes for decades.  Athletes use it for getting strong muscles and flexibility. Injury prevention is possible with Pilates.

Joseph Pilates a physical trainer had developed the techniques of Pilate work outs. It is proved that it will improve the core strength without bulking up. It also develops optimal core control. It does not require any investment. You can practice them easily on an exercise mat. However Pilate equipments are also available.

Pilates can be practiced by any one irrespective of the age. Even children can practice them. Since Pilate work outs focus more on proper breathing, children suffering from respiratory disorders can do these work outs to get rid of their problems.

Women can start doing he Pilate exercises since these exercises will helping providing slim thighs and flat abdomens. Most of the Hollywood celebrities are nowadays practicing Pilates. You can also start doing this even at home. However Pilate studios are offering expertise service to get more benefits. You can make use of them.

Pilate work outs can be practiced on a reformer which is more supportive than mat. There are number of work outs in Pilates both for beginners and for advanced exerciser. However Pilate techniques are safe and effective for all.

Most of the work outs here are done in sitting or relaxation posture. They do not require any stress for any movement. Pilates can be experienced in health and fitness clubs. Recreation centers, Pilate studios, wellness centers etc are also offering Pilate workouts for beginners. Pilates is offered in rehabilitation centers also in order to get relief from neck and back pain. Some researches show that Pilates is an effective medical treatment to pain.

Though there are some challenging exercises in Pilates, they are proved to be safe. However do not start doing any twisting workouts if you are a beginner. If you feel pain or stress in doing any of the workouts then immediately stop it.

Pilates help to get proper body alignment and awareness. Joseph Pilates called his techniques “Contrology” since he believed that the exercises will help to control the mind. You will also feel the coordination of mind and body while practicing these exercises.

Pilates demands immense focus on body and mind. Pilates is proved to give relief from the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Each and every movement in Pilates has a purpose. These work outs are becoming the topmost fitness method in America nowadays. They are safe and proved to be very effective.

Muna wa Wanjiru Has Been Researching and Reporting on Pilates for Years. For More Information on Pilates , Visit His Site at Pilates