26 weeks pregnant: belly shot, shopping & new nursery!

i’m now 26 weeks preggers! i’m so excited that puddn and i decided to turn the big, useless balcony off our master bedroom into a nursery for the new bambino…i can’t wait to decorate it! i also went shopping and bought the baby some cutie-cute new clothes, though let’s be honest, boy clothes suck compared to baby girl clothes, right? also, we caught lulu jumping on TWO feet for the first time on this video! and puddn and i argue as usual…enjoy! and he uses MY video to promote HIS dumb blog, mywifelies.com. xo www.tulipandthelma.com https twitter.com

29 Weeks Pregnant Vlog + Belly shot!

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Asheville-area health officials urge parents to get flu shot for children

Asheville-area health officials urge parents to get flu shot for children
ASHEVILLE — Rachel Long used to be a mother who didn’t get her children vaccinated against the flu.
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Kerrie Clarke: A bad 1st impression
To the editor: Upon re-registering my son back into Moffat County High School last week, I was shocked at the very first impression I had when we walked in the front doors. There was an enclosed corridor that a visitor must walk through to the front office and then you must present a driver’s license to make a nametag.
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State Rep. Steve Santarsiero makes education, jobs and the environment his top priorities (VIDEO)
NEWTOWN – As State Rep. Steve Santarsiero (D-31) begins his second term in office, he faces a vastly different political landscape in Harrisburg, one where the Governor’s office and the General Assembly (the House of Representatives and the Senate) are controlled by the Republicans.
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