Is there a way to resume healthy eating habits and not gain weight once the body goes into starvation mode?

Question by ♥: Is there a way to resume healthy eating habits and not gain weight once the body goes into starvation mode?
For about two weeks I was sick with the flu and completely lost all appetite. I would still eat, but very small quantities of food, because otherwise I would get nauseous. In the process I ended up losing about 5 pounds. Now that my flu is gone, my appetite has improved, but I don’t want to gain those 5 pounds back. I exercise and try to watch what I eat, but even so, I’ve already noticed that I’ve begun to gain the weight back. How do I stop this from happening?

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Answer by oldtimekid
A healthy diet and exercise is the first big step. Your metabolism needs to get back up to par in order to keep burning as much as you did before you got sick, so start eating a healthy diet, then start exercising a day or two later. You might gain some of that weight back, but 5 pounds is seldom noticeable unless you are as thin as a stick 😉
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Work From Home Mom Ideas – Resume Writing Suggestions For Stay-At-Home Moms Going Back to Work

Work From Home Mom Ideas – Resume Writing Suggestions For Stay-At-Home Moms Going Back to Work

Work From Home Mom Ideas

Are You Going Back To Work After a Hiatus?

When I started this article, I thought of stay at home Moms (or Dads) who wanted to go back to work outside of the home. But there are multiple reasons that people take a hiatus from formal employments, and most of these tips would apply to other people as well. Work From Home Mom Ideas

You do have some special challenges In fact, many employers really only want to interview people who already have a job. This seems quite unfair to the unemployed to me. It can be tough on job hunters who choose to quit their jobs as well as those who were terminated against their will.

But stay-at-home parents may get some better treatment. They are being recognized as a pool of talent in many fields. So you cannot let a tough job market and possible employer concerns stop you. Winners just tend to be proactive and take those extra steps that make all of the difference.

Your Cover Letter Is Important

Start with your cover letter. Be sure and make it clear how you can benefit the company, both with your past work experience and education, and the skills you developed as a parent. You may not even realized how much skill it takes to be a parent. But you need to manage your household, plan budgets, and stick to a schedule. These are skills that employers value. And employers do form a first impression from your cover letter.

Emphasize Your Skills and Experience

Did you do any volunteer work when you were working as an at-home parent? Volunteer jobs, especially leadership positions, can impress employers too. If you organized a neighborhood bake sale, acted as a den leader for you son’s scout pack, or taught religious school, be sure and note it. Work From Home Mom Ideas

You may also want to start your resume with a list of your important skills. These could be skills you have picked up in past jobs, formal education, training classes, home management, or your volunteer work! For example, if you use a popular accounting software package for home budget management, you probably want to list it. Some of these packages or similar ones, are used in the workplace too.

Can You Update Your Skills?

Do your skills look a little outdated or sketchy for the type of job you want? Look at current postings and review the typical requirements. You may consider getting some training. You can find training classes online, at a local community college, or at a local branch of your state unemployment office. It is better to have training and actual work experience. But training and some exposure is better than no exposure at all.

Explain Your Work Break

Include a short explanation of your time off of work. An employer is bound to notice the work gap, so you may as well explain it right away. If you took time off to be with young children or write your novel, you may as well tell the employer right up front. Work From Home Mom Ideas

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