How much quantities of the same product can you use for one coupon?

Question by Chamika: How much quantities of the same product can you use for one coupon?
Ex I have a coupon where it says SAVE .75 when you buy any one box cookie crisp cereal
That does mean I can buy 5 cookie crisp cereal and itll deduct .75 in each cereal or only in one?

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Answer by Rick B
One deduction per coupon.

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What is the best hair product to restore my damaged hair back to nice, healthy hair?

Question by Chicklet: What is the best hair product to restore my damaged hair back to nice, healthy hair?
I am trying to let my hair grow out, so I need a hair product that will restore it back to healthy hair. I know vitamins are great, but what product works well?

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Answer by Catalina B
I strongly recommend you try Herbal Essence because they have a brand that specifically works for damanged hair. The scents are natural and spectacular and it works wonders! Try it! You’ll have no regrets! Good luck!

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Organic Food Website Expands Product Line; Adds Blog

Bozeman, MT (PRWEB) April 12, 2009

According to an article by the Associated Press, the majority of adults in the United States are overweight and unhealthy. The report – based from a two year study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta and the National Center for Health Statistics – addresses a growing trend that Americans are eating worse and exercising less.

Part of the problem is the dietary choices that people make. Fried foods and sugary snacks are consumed on a daily basis for many Americans, thus increasing their chances of Type-2 diabetes and obesity. Luckily, buying healthy food is no more than a few clicks away. is a web venture that launched back in November 2006 and specializes in natural and organic food.

“When we started this, we were interested in helping others finding nutritious foods,” said co-founder Lorraine Zentner. “Now we’re looking to continue to do this and letting people know that there are alternatives to the processed foods that are in grocery stores.”

With a large variety of products ranging from natural nutrition bars to organic brown rice to granola, has a natural food selection that puts most major grocery chains to shame, which is only going to grow.

“We’re constantly adding new items,” said Zentner.

One of the site’s popular products is certified chemically-free organic hard wheat. Though difficult to find in many places, Zentner keeps it in stock for her e-store.

Another new feature on the site is the blog that has recently launched,

“It’s to address the importance of eating healthy,” Zentner explained. “We’ll go into specific foods such as sprouts and write about its benefits. We’ll also have recipes, too.”

Though some Americans may not change their eating habits, Zentner’s is giving people the opportunity to eat better and, in turn, the chance to have a life that isn’t hindered by a preventable disease.

About the Company: is a part of On the Wings of a Dove, Inc. which is owned and operated by Lorraine Zentner and Lori Zentner.

Contact Information:

Lorianne Zentner

(406) 556-0262

iePlexus, Inc.

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Bzz Agent Goodies, Product Review , Coupon Princess Deals

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What is the best product for healthy hair?

Question by =] xoxoKaitlin: What is the best product for healthy hair?
Okay, so I really really really want long hair! But the thing is I have really thick curly hair, and my ends are just horrible. I want something that will smooth out my hair, repair my ends and add tons of moisture to my hair. If you could, list a shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner/ cream, and something to protect my hair from heat damage. I straighten my hair. Umm I just want to grow my hair the healthy way, without cutting it. Its already a little more than a tad below shoulder length. Ten points to whoever gives me the best advice!

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Answer by Beauty G
You said your hair was thick and curly so you will want to use products specially for your hair type. If you want long hair then you must keep the hair that is on your head healthy. Many people who want long hair forego getting haircuts. Well, if you have split ends, they will just keep splitting up the hair shaft and break ofr. Getting tiny trims every couple of months will help a lot!

For products that will help your hair type’s condition and allow for maximum growth, I would suggest the Graham Webb line of hair products. The ones that would be perfect for your hair are the Heat Response in Graham Webb. They are good if you have thick or dry hair and still need to straighten it.

You didn’t mention if you straighten your hair temporarily with an iron or if you do it chemically. I will tell you that chemical straighteners are very caustic and damaging so you will want to totally condition and use good salon products. If you do it temporarily then the Heat Response line is good for protecting your hair while you do that.

Good luck!

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