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Christmas Dinner in the Park 2010 Pasadena, CA

The links to these photos on my Facebook album (it’s opened to everyone): www.facebook.com www.facebook.com www.servela.org For over 30 years, Union Station Homeless Services has hosted annual Dinners-in-the-Park on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, providing warm holiday meals for people in the community. Over 8500 meals are served each year to people who are homeless, senior citizens, alone at the holidays, or unable to afford a holiday meal. On Christmas Day more than 2000 toys are distributed to children in our Santa’s Village. Held every year in Pasadena’s Central Park, these events bring together volunteers to serve a healthy meal and holiday cheer to our less fortunate community members. Union Station is thankful for the in-kind donations of turkeys, hams, side dishes, desserts and new toys that make it all possible. To assure our legacy of success, become a Dinner-in-the-Park Corporate Sponsor or start a Pledge-a-thon today. www.unionstationfoundation.org
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What are some lightweight, healthy snacks I can smuggle into an amusement park?

Question by Ihearya: What are some lightweight, healthy snacks I can smuggle into an amusement park?
I know I can bring a cooler and rent a locker out front, but it’s too much to lug the family all the way from the other side of the park just to do that. I’ll bring the diaper bag (I have to anyway).

Any suggestions for some healthy snacks that require no refridgeration and won’t weigh a ton of bricks? Thanks!

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Answer by robgently
Trail mix, dried fruits, crackers.

Crackers will help settle the tummy after a wild ride.

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