Does once a month cooking for a family of 5 really save enough money to make it worth it?

Question by Margaret: Does once a month cooking for a family of 5 really save enough money to make it worth it?
Hello. I am a mother of three beautiful children,ages 10,6 and 3 and am expecting a new little one in June. I work three 12-hour days per week. What we do right now is I make up two dinners the night before I am scheduled to work and my husband heats the second one up at the kids’ normal dinner time at 5, since I don’t get home until 7:30 or so. I was thinking about it and it might be easier and cheaper if I took one weekend out of the month to make all of our dinners for that month. I could come up with a two week plan for meals depending on sales, double the recipes, buy in bulk at Costco and then freeze them. It would be nice to just be able to throw something into the oven then go help with homework or whatever instead of having to take time away from my children to cook a healthy meal each day. So the convenience factor is definitely there. However, I was wondering if it would actually be cheaper by more than just a marginal amount to do it once a month. Have any of you done this? Has it saved you much money on your grocery bill? Any other drawbacks to once a month cooking?
We had tried that and it didn’t work out too well. I love my husband but he has trouble multitasking between cooking and watching the three of them. When he is home with only my older two, then he can cook just fine. It is my youngest son, who is three and extremely clingy, that creates the issue.

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Answer by T68
I recommend you work with your husband and let him know it is OK if he cooks 2-3 days/week. It is not that big of a deal. If he can make himself a sandwich, he can make a meal for the family.

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Is there a way to resume healthy eating habits and not gain weight once the body goes into starvation mode?

Question by ♥: Is there a way to resume healthy eating habits and not gain weight once the body goes into starvation mode?
For about two weeks I was sick with the flu and completely lost all appetite. I would still eat, but very small quantities of food, because otherwise I would get nauseous. In the process I ended up losing about 5 pounds. Now that my flu is gone, my appetite has improved, but I don’t want to gain those 5 pounds back. I exercise and try to watch what I eat, but even so, I’ve already noticed that I’ve begun to gain the weight back. How do I stop this from happening?

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Answer by oldtimekid
A healthy diet and exercise is the first big step. Your metabolism needs to get back up to par in order to keep burning as much as you did before you got sick, so start eating a healthy diet, then start exercising a day or two later. You might gain some of that weight back, but 5 pounds is seldom noticeable unless you are as thin as a stick 😉
Good luck!

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If you used a coupon once at the market can you use it again?

Question by Strawberry: If you used a coupon once at the market can you use it again?
I used a coupon at the supermarket and I used it at the self check out line and didn’t stick the coupon in the coupon slot and I kept it so can I use the coupon again because it was $ 5.00 off.
yeah the ugly b1tch that works at the market kept staring at me because I didn’t stick the coupon in the coupon slot but I don’t care I’m gonna use it again

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Answer by loolai

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frugal mom’s guide to once a month cooking

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Frugal Mom’s Guide To Once A Month Cooking

Frugal Mom’s Guide To Once A Month Cooking

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