GOAL BANDS GAME – Single Player Pk (Large Size) "One Giant Leap for Parents…and so Much More" Moms, Dads and Teens This Size Is for You. Finding It Hard to Make a Habit Change, or Two? Maybe the Healthy Diet or Daily Exercise Routine That You've Been Trying to Start Just Isn't Happening Yet, for Whatever Reason? If You Would Like to Achieve These Goals, Starting Today, or Choose and Achieve Any Other Great Daily Goals and Have Fun Doing It, Then the GOAL BANDS GAME Is for You. Award Winning! Incredibly Fast! Awesomely Effective! Amazingly Affordable! Also, Available in Small and Medium Sizes so Your Kids Can Play Too! Order One for Everyone in Your Family and if You Don't Immediately Begin to See Lifechanging Results, Then Return Them for a Full Refund, No Questions Asked. Hurry, While Supplies Last! NOTE- LARGE SIZE GBG FITS AGES 13-ADULT

  • Also, know as the “Black Belt Goals Game” – each GBG (large size) includes everything you, or your teen, will need to immediately begin achieving almost any goals you choose. Better yet, give a GBG, each, to your loved ones and watch the magic grow (“Mom, how about if we both take an hr long walk today and promise not to eat any junk food?”)
  • Each GBG (large size) contains 6 great looking, karate-belt colored wristbands and each imprinted with our “Black Belt Goals” trademark, making it impossible to forget chosen daily goals
  • Our Goal Bands Game is the perfect reward – reminder system (colorful wristbands,worn + seen ) and works 24/7 to ensure that participants never forget their goals, day or night. Better yet, when you ‘play’ GBG with someone else the motivational power becomes truly awesome and has to be seen to be believed (“Mom, did you make your goals today? I made mine, too, and I can’t wait to switch wristbands. I bet we make it to our black ones by the end of the week”)
  • LOSE WEIGHT FAST! GET FIT FOR LIFE! BETTER GRADES FOR YOUR KIDS…the possibilites are endless. Give GBG to everyone on your list and see for yourself

The award winning, GOAL BANDS GAME “Build Yourself Strong” from Black Belt Goals inc. was invented by loving parents with karate and educational backgrounds (they took their kids to school and karate) and is offered to persons of all ages as an incredibly-easy-to-use, self empowerment program that will motivate it’s users, ages 4-104, to achieve almost any personal goals they can imagine HOW IT WORKS: Participants choose their daily goals and then wear a Goal Bands for 24 hrs (at home, school, work…everywhere!) to serve as a reminder of these goals. Achieve daily goals and you have earned the right to switch to your next Goal Bands ( in Karate-belt order ie yellow, orange, green, blue, red, black ) Keep achieving daily goals, keep moving through the Goal Bands…one day, one wristband, at a time. GBG users work their way, day by day/goal by goal to the black wristband which is worn, ideally, at the end of the week and marks the end of that particular cycle Complete instructions and goal tips inculded in each package. Try GBG in your family and let the healthy fun begin. NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES note- large size Goal Bands fits the wrists of ages 13-adult

List Price: $ 3.99

Price: $ 3.99

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Note On Healthy Hairs

Note On Healthy Hairs

Healthy hair… everybody wants healthy hair. Full and rich in natural color healthy hair. But why can’t we? The question is… what are you doing to have unhealthy hair? Well, to better answer that question one must first understand some basics of human hair.

One of the best tips on advice to keep a healthy hair is to moisturize. It is important to moisturize dry, dull hair, in order to add shine and keep the hair healthy. You will be able to achieve this in many different ways, but it is still down to using the right conditioner is going to be the best idea.

Massage therapy has dual benefit. It not only de-stresses you but also stimulates hair growth. It helps re-establish natural development of healthy hair. In addition to all this, it is extremely relaxing, calming and helps relieve headaches and migraines. It is a major contributor of hair restoration.

You know how cold water when applied to your face will close the pores, well your hair will work in the same way. By rinsing in cooler water when finished shampooing and conditioning, you will help the outer layer of your hair lie flatter. When the cuticle does not lie flat, then your hair can have a dull appearance or be course in texture.

To keep them shiny, apply the mixture of an egg white, two spoon of Castor oil and one spoon of glycerin. Thoroughly massage with warm coconut oil, an hour before washing. To make all the washes more effective, prepare a week schedule which are not so hard once you are used to it.

Foods for good hair include protein. Protein is essential for healthy hair. This is because hair itself is essentially made from a protein called keratin. So a diet that is rich in protein foods such as fish, chicken, lean meat, lentils, bean and nuts will give your body enough protein to grow hair.

Deep condition your hair at least once a month. This is again important to prepare the hair for any hair strengtheners and gives hair extra care that is not always given to it during a regular wash.

Towel drying is one of the leading causes of damage. Let’s admit it, we love to take the towel and rub our hair like crazy until it’s dried. The problem is that when hair is wet, it is also very easily damaged.

Minerals and proteins need to be added to your food. If the protein in the hair is lacking, the hair condition is also poor as hair is made up of protein. You should also eat lots of green veggies. It is seen that veggies are also very useful for your hair. Eating fresh fruits is also essential.

Reduce shampooing: Shampooing on a daily basis strips the hair shaft of its protective coating, after all shampoo is a cleanser. The best advice is to shampoo only when your hair becomes dirty.

All these tips helps you to keep your hair healthy. All these natural ways are more beneficial than any other artificial product.

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