Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 2 – Easy Meal Ideas of The Ages

Year 1 DVD For Sale! Episodes 1-10 DVD Quality 10 Bucks! : Get Mp3s of all the music to episodes 1 – 10 – With vocals FREE! – Without Vocals Only 5 Bucks! Shirts And Merch: Blog: Episode 2:Easy Meal Ideas of the Ages Vegan Black Metal Chef Episodes will go back and fourth between a more complex recipe like the pad thai and a series of easy recipes like this one. In this episode you will make All Star Redneck Medley This is Mashed Potatoes, Baked Beans, And Corn Hailing from the Southern United States myself, this makes a great combination of food and a great meal The Baked beans make a natural gravy but you can mix some soup mix, water, earth balance, flour and spices to make your own gravy Brussel Sprouts, mushrooms, and red pepper sauted in truffle oil. This Will fucking blow your mind…seriously… After making this you may become addicted to it for about a week or so. The Sprouts should be a little blackened on the flat side when done. Try one from the pan to see if its cooked through. Be careful…too much Truffle oil can happen quickly and make the flavor too powerful. Go easy on it in the beginning. And for everyone that says Truffle oil is expensive… that shit lasts forever. You can make so many meals with that one bottle. Its cheap. Vegetable Pasta Upon The Throne of the Apocalypse Fucking good, make it. I make the Garlic Bread from it all

Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 7- Indian Feast Of The Gods This is a complete instruction on how to make 3 different indian dishes. 1) Mung Bean Dal (really any dal) – These are Indian style lentils. Basically its like an indain mushy bean paste that goes great over rice or with an indian bread 2) Vegetable Pakoras – These are indian spices vegetables breaded and deep fried. They are incredible. You will not believe how good the Broccoli pakoras are until you taste one. Also included are onion and sweet potato pakoras. 3) Aloo Palak – This is an indian spinach and potato dish. Add a whole lot of earth balance (vegan butter substitute) or a rich oil like safflower oil at the end to give it a really rich and oily taste. This is kinda a Ghee (Clarified Butter) substiute that I use with indian cooking. I was going to make parathas or nann with this since I eat almost every single indian meal with them. However this was getting to be a huge feast as it is and the pakoras can almost be like a bread substitue if you dip them in the other foods. If you do not know about indian cooking or indian breads in general… go to a resturant now or try this at home. You are missing out in life.