Chicken pot pie gets a spicy makeover

Chicken pot pie gets a spicy makeover
Chicken pot pie is the ultimate winter warmer. Cook and lifestyle expert Chef LaLa shares her spicy recipe.
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Indie Groundbreaking Publisher: The Harvard Common Press
Publishing blockbuster fiction novels about wizards and hornets’ nests is one thing, but creating books that help people live richer, fuller lives is another.
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Prevention Magazine Announces Four New Hires in Lori Powell, Food Director; Cass Spencer, Design Director; Marybeth …
Prevention magazine Editor-in-Chief Diane Salvatore announced today four new editorial appointments in Lori Powell as Food Director, Cass Spencer as Design Director, Marybeth Dulany as Photography Director and Mia Song as Deputy Art Director.
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Provida Life Sciences Releases Michael Thurmond?s 6 Week Body Makeover Podcast

Sherman Oaks, CA (PRWEB) December 19, 2005

Scheduled for release at the end of 2005 by Provide Life Sciences, one of the Internet’s largest diet and health communities with over 150,000 registered members, the 6 Week Body Makeover Podcast will provide informative and inspirational content to dieters. Segments on healthy eating and recipes, new healthy living news, fitness and motivation tips and more will draw heavily from the 6 Week Body Makeover, which is one of the top weight loss programs in the world with over two million units sold.

The Podcast, which will be hosted on the Podcast area of Apple’s iTunes Store and the Provida website at:, will also feature Q&As with Michael Thurmond, architect of the 6 Week Body Makeover and ABC’s Extreme Makeover fitness expert, and discussions with Provida certified “Body Makeover Specialists” trained in the program.

“Provide Life Sciences is proud to present Michael’s advice and proven weight loss and body makeover techniques to the Podcasting community,” stated Brady Caverly, Provida Co-President. “We feel that Michael and our Body Makeover Specialists provide programming that is of extreme value to dieters everywhere. We’re excited to be able to help spread the word across new platforms like the Podcast which are reaching a tech-savvy community of users.”

The first Podcast will be posted live on the Provida site and iTunes before the end of the year, with new episodes coming every other week.

For more information on the Podcast launch, visit the Provida chat site at:

Formed in 2000, Provida Life Sciences is a leader in innovative weight-loss and fitness solutions, offering a broad array of eating, exercise and motivational weight-loss products and services through direct response TV and the Internet. In addition to Michael Thurmond’s 6 Week Body Makeover, Provida also developed and markets the Smart Technique Automatic Fat Loss Program and Provida vitamins and dietary supplements.

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Entering Fourth Decade, Self Magazine Gets a Makeover

Entering Fourth Decade, Self Magazine Gets a Makeover
Lucy Danziger, the editor in chief of Self, does not have the luxury of moving at a leisurely pace given the field of rival active-woman magazines.
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Spring-Ford Reporter/The Valley ItemDatebook
DateBook Notes
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Philly book publisher the BRAAAINS! behind phenom
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The undead have created a whole new life for Quirk Books, the brains — or rather the BRAAAINS! — behind the monster best-seller “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”
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Junk Food Makeover Gift Basket

Junk Food Makeover Gift Basket

  • Healthier Alternatives to Junk Food
  • Great Gift for any Occasion

Help your favorite “junk food junkie” transition to healthier snacks with our Junk Food Makeover Healthy Gift Basket. The basket features healthier versions of snacker favorites such as “soda,” chips, “candy,” dip, and popcorn. They’ll never miss their unhealthful old treats!

Terra Chips–(real vegetables!)
Switch 100% Carbonated Juice (healthy juice that’ll kick the soda habit!)
Figamajigs Chocolate Covered Figs(dark chocolate and fig “candy” full of fiber & antioxidants)
Glenny’s Chocolate Brownie (all natural, organic, only 100 calories)
Pita Chips (baked, lower fat than chips, impressive amount of fiber
Hummus (healthful chick-pea dip without all the fat of traditional dips
LesserEvil Popcorn (all natural, low fat, tames the sweet tooth!)
Handmade Basket

Price: $ 45.00

Top Tips For Your Home Makeover When Using Home Depot Discount Coupons

Top Tips For Your Home Makeover When Using Home Depot Discount Coupons

Homemakers do not have to max out on their credit cards to beautify or repair their homes. There is also no need for an extreme house make-over when you cannot afford it, but with careful planning and budgeting, you can start off towards House Beautiful. Where else can you find top deals for your home? Home Depot. Discount coupons from Home Depot are available for almost anything you need to give your house that elegant but cozy look.

Less for More

Shop for environment-friendly light bulbs, appliances, and furnishings from online shops offering rebates. You can get as much as to 0 from qualifying products ranging from air conditioners, wine coolers, blinds, carpets, and garage door openers from big name brands. Home Depot discount coupons, landscaping coupons, home accent coupons, and home decorating coupons are the free online resources that can help you save money.

Add up all the money you saved from discount coupons. A coupon used is money saved. It is amazing how you have spent less on items that sell three times their price in other stores. For less, you get quality items from big brands. Is that not getting more from a bargain?

Coupons Plus

Unlock more bargains using more home coupons and get more bonuses from Home Depot discount coupons and other retail merchants offering free shipping, unlimited use of the codes, and first time buyer privileges.

Whatever deal you are getting, make sure you use these coupons before the offer expires, which can be anytime when the store wants to take these off the site for varied reasons. This is good cause for planning your makeover thoroughly. Manufacturers, by the way, also offer an annual coupon, which as the name suggests, will not expire until the end of the year.

In-between renovation or repairs, scout for expert DIY advice and look at home remodeling glossies to get more ideas. It’s a good thing that DIY tips are provided by most product manufacturers and retailers like Home Depot, discount coupons dispensers, and other promotional coupon distributors.

The catch? Some stores don’t accept online coupon because of the rampant abuse of online coupons. So ask the store first if they accept online coupons before you present your coupon for redemption.

Don’t Waste That Coupon

It is easy to find the best deals for home renovating or repair. All you have to do is Google best deals from websites offering various coupons for home decorating, coupons, and more bargains. Check out the sites offering coupons. Sometimes one site has the coupon you’re looking for after you’ve browsed several sites. If you can’t find one that you like call the manufacturer. Probably they have the coupon you want.

Want to start the hunt for the best deals? The first stop should be sites offering Home Depot discount coupons for fixtures, tools, and appliances, then you will have the basics for a home make-over with the best deals. If you find them, print them and redeem them online or offline.

Ready for a home or office makeover? Get those Home Depot discount coupons and Office Depot coupon codes now. Visit today.