What is the best cardio/strength training combo to maximize weight loss?

Question by hdeleszek101: What is the best cardio/strength training combo to maximize weight loss?
I am looking to loose weight the healthy way with exercise and healthy living. My goal is to loose 1-2 lbs per week and I have decided to utilize the Weight Watchers Flex Point system to help me on the food end. Now I need to know how to work out the right way. How long should I walk/lift weights? Should I alternate days? Is is okay to work out for a half hour or should I go longer? Is it more important to walk a mile in 17 minutes if I can or should I still walk the whole 30 minutes? What kind of strength training should I do and for how long? So much to know. Please Help. Thanks

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Answer by Oddie`
Look for Jorge Cruise’s 8 Minutes in the morning kit. It Explains EVERYTHING. You can loose 2 pounds every week, guaranteed.

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Can you recommend a healthy eating plan for weight loss?

Question by Jane Marple: Can you recommend a healthy eating plan for weight loss?
So I’m ready. I have the treadmill, the running shoes and the mp3 filled with good beats….the only thing missing is a healthy eating plan. I called a nutritionist and she charges $ 95 per visit! What kind of non sense is that! just so she can tell me to switch my potato chips for carrots sticks!

I’m looking for a eating plan that would break down meals and snacks, list calories etc.

If you know a book like this it would be great. Thanks!

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Answer by paletulip
I cant remember the name but oprah was talking about a guy who just released a book about nutrition. check that out.

Another thing that it really worked for me (lost 10kgs in 2 months) only eat when ur hungry and avoid anything you wouldnt give to a baby (sodas, chips, fried food, etc) it worked for me…couldnt believe the scale.

And one more thing…everytime you crave something fattening, imagine that a greasy dirty person prepared that. Good luck!

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