Healthy food for me. I need to lose weight and I want to start eating healthy.?

Question by Rory: Healthy food for me. I need to lose weight and I want to start eating healthy.?
Any ideas for healthy food?

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Answer by Glazbinator
– Every meal and snack should contain some protein and fiber to help fill you up & keep you full.

– Your protein sources should be lean (e.g. fish, chicken, beans & legumes (also a source of fiber), tofu, nuts & seeds…)

– You should eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables… in their whole form is best. Also, keep in mind that they lose nutrients the longer they sit after being picked, so sometimes frozen is a better option. and be careful for pesticides… always wash your fruits & veggies before eating them!

– If you consume dairy products, make sure to keep them low fat or fat-free. You could also substitute milk alternatives such as soy, almond, or rice milk (and cheese, yogurt, etc…)

– The majority, if not all, of your grain products should be whole-grain. This can be whole wheat, oatmeal, quinoa, bulgur, amaranth, barley, brown rice, etc… the possibilities are virtually endless! Don’t eat refined grains! This is one of the biggest downfalls for people trying to lose weight. They spike your blood sugar and make you hungry again in an hour. Not to mention they have much fewer nutrients than whole grains, and the ones that are there are added in artificially… yuck!

Hope I helped & good luck!

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How do I lose belly fat from my pregnancy?

Question by Sunshine: How do I lose belly fat from my pregnancy?
My pre pregnancy weight was 106 and I gained about 30 lbs during the entire pregnancy. I lost all the weight but still have some belly fat that I really want to tone and flatten:) I can’t get to the gym so I need exercises that I can do around the house. I also need ideas for a healthy eating habit while exercising. The more answers the better:D Thanks a bunch.

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Answer by Deborah
walk and pilates. worked for me I had two back to back pregnancies and gain about 50 pounds total.

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I need a healthy food routine to lose belly fat?

Question by cside: I need a healthy food routine to lose belly fat?
My waist is up to a 38 the most its ever been so i need a change. If anyone can give me a good daily routine of healthy foods in order to lose that belly fat that would be great. Im working out running, situps etc so all i need is a good heathly diet to follow. Any ideas on what i should be eating breakfast-dinner?

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Answer by Emily
my diet plan….

Monday breakfast: yogurt fruit with some granola = around 250 calories
Monday Lunch: Salad = 300 calories (at most)
Monday Dinner: Veggie burgers (morning star brand) = 500 calories (about)

Tuesday breakfast: Chocolate pop tart = 350 calories only 20 g sugar
Tuesday lunch: veggie lasagna= 400 calories
Tuesday dinner: cheese quesadilla, rice, beans = 600 calories

Wednesday breakfast: go lean crunch cereal = 450 calories
Wednesday lunch: apple,string cheese, mini bag of popcorn= 470 calories
Wednesday dinner: baked potatoes, low fat sour cream, sprinkle of cheese= 390 calories

Thursday breakfast:pancakes, eggs=400 calories
Thursday lunch: pasta with marinara sauce = 400 calories
Thursday dinner: almond raspberry salad= 250 calories

Friday breakfast: Go lean crunch cereal = 450 calories
Friday lunch: mixed veggies and some bread = 300 calories
Friday dinner: homemade cheese and veggie pizza = 600 calories

Weekends are my free days as long as i exercise 😀 hope this helps
I am so tired of typing my hands hurt!!! 🙁

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