HELP! I’m broke and need to buy groceries for the rest of the month?

Question by rouschracefan6: HELP! I’m broke and need to buy groceries for the rest of the month?
I have 126 dollars to last me the rest of the month for groceries (I am layed off from work and my wife doesn’t make a whole lot). We have 4 kids plus the 2 of us. Does anybody know where I can get some online coupons or budget cooking recipes?? I’ve done a yahoo search and came up basically empty handed, so any help at all would be appriciated.

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Answer by Maria R
angel food ministries is an organization that helps people buy groceries at low cost. click here:

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How to Save Money on Groceries

SUBSCRIBE here: I wanted this to be a short video but I guess I had too much to say! I hope these tips are useful to all of you. Please share any other tips you might have for saving $ $ on groceries. Thanks! PLEASE NOTE – we currently have about 750 recipes on the website. Therefore, I am no longer sending out weekly menus. Please come by and check out all the wonderful possibilities you have!

bringing home the groceries

bringing home the groceries
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Image by Mark Stosberg
I like his street style. He seemed calm, enjoying the ride.

The bike on the other hand….This is a "NEXT" brand mountain bike, available at Wal-Mart for about and made in China. The brand is known for at least one safety recall.

It’s the most common bike model I see around town being used for transportation, but it’s pretty lousy compared to the standard commuting bike found in Amsterdam or Copenhagen. It has no rack, no lights, no fenders, no chain guard, no bell and has slower knobby tires. The bikes are often seen being ridden with the seat too low and with squeaky, un-oiled chains.

I assume because the bike’s are so cheap, they are often found discarded as well. (Why pay for a tune-up, when a whole new bike is ?)

It’s frustrating to know that for many people riding one of these is what it means it to "try out bike out commuting". If it’s true that the average cost of a used car is ,000, I wish more people would consider spending a tenth of that on a bike-as-car-replacement.

Instead of buying an under-featured Wal-Mart bike or when you ready throw your current one in a ditch, consider a more functional bike like the Specialized Globe Vienna 3. Our local bike shop, the Cycling and Fitness Warehouse, carries the Specialized line has some Globe models in stock. See the difference for yourself!