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Discover The Best Food For Brain Health That Also Protects You From Other Serious Diseases

Discover The Best Food For Brain Health That Also Protects You From Other Serious Diseases

There is one particular source of food for brain health that is unequalled in its capacity to significantly enhance your brain health and mental well-being as well as providing many other health benefits.

You may have guessed that its fish and cold water oily species in particular like hoki, salmon and tuna! However due to the toxins they carry in their flesh, the ultimate source is actually distilled fish oil supplements and I’ll come to them later.

So why is fish oil the best food for brain health?

It is because of the high quantity of omega 3 fatty acids it contains. The main two are known as DHA and EPA and the body cannot manufacture them so they must come from what you eat.

Declining fish consumption has resulted in over 90% of us estimated to be deficient in these good polyunsaturated fats which can lead to sudden death from heart attacks and strokes and lead to depression and bi-polar disorders.

These fats, especially the DHA ones, make up much of the brains fats and keep the membranes healthy and improve the communication between the cells as they help to remove any platelet build-up.

Getting enough of them helps to improve your mood and memory and can help to ward off degenerative neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s later in life too according to the latest research.

In addition this wonderful natural oil can  improve your cardiovascular health, keeping the arteries clear to lower your risk of disease, significantly lower inflammation in the body which can lead to sudden and premature death, lower blood pressure and improve your vision.

To get the best you want a ratio of around 2:1 DHA to EPA with a minimum of 260mg of DHA in each fish oil capsule for the maximum mental health benefits.

Molecularly distilled oil is one which has had all the harmful toxins removed to leave pure and safe oil richer in omega 3. Check the label or website to see.

Now you know what the very best food for brain health is, why not introduce these oils into your diet today and help to keep your mind sharp and enjoy good mental health.

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