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Image by Ani-Bee
It’s been almost a month since Oliver’s arrival & I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been a struggle.

At one week old Ollie was diagnosed with reflux. Apparently it effects approx. 60% of infants & can cause them severe pain & discomfort. Our first sign of a problem was Oliver’s tendency to project his tummy’s contents across the room after a hearty meal. He also just seemed plain uncomfortable, which was so heartbreaking to watch :/ His doctor stated it was reflux & he was placed on a special hypoallergenic formula, which seems to have helped somewhat. But Oliver still seems uncomfortable at times, still projects his food across the room & has a host of other problems. While he sleeps wonderfully at night [about 4-5 hours, waking once for a feeding & then back to sleep for another 3], he has issues sleeping for any length of time or restfully in the day & evening. Poor guy also hates to be on his back [it aggrivates the reflux], so he’s been sleeping in his car seat at night & elevated & with the use of a sleep positioner in his basinette in the day [when he does take a nap, that is].

After hours upon hours of research, Patrick & I are starting to suspect MSPI [milk/soy protein intolerance]. Reflux is one of the larger symptoms of MSPI & a lot of his other symptoms seem to fit the bill. The next step at this point is either another change in formula, or meds :/ We hate to go that route, but we need to do whatever it takes to ease his pain.

I know there are much worse things to deal with than reflux or MSPI…& in every other way Oliver is as healthy as could be & we should & do count our blessings every single day…but we’re just tired of seeing Oliver in pain, unable to keep his food down & we’re praying for some sort of relief [whether it be meds or otherwise] for our sweet little guy.

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