Is eating organic raw eggs healthy?

Question by WaLiDiNhO10: Is eating organic raw eggs healthy?
Alright, after reading a lot of articles, and read that its really healthy to eat.

basically for:

– Boosts up the immune system.
– Benefits to the hair.
– Helps to prevent early signs of aging.
– Benefits to the skin.

Now for the bacterial part which is, salmonella, I read that every 1 egg in like 300,000 eggs, which is contained on the egg shell, avoiding that would be by washing the egg-shell really good and cracking it into a glass safely.

So would anyone post suggestions regarding this topic, i really want to learn more about that.

thanks you so much.

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Answer by Rusty Shackleford
i wouldnt because there is always that chance you could get samonella and if you do you’ll be sicker than a dog

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