I need a healthy food routine to lose belly fat?

Question by cside: I need a healthy food routine to lose belly fat?
My waist is up to a 38 the most its ever been so i need a change. If anyone can give me a good daily routine of healthy foods in order to lose that belly fat that would be great. Im working out running, situps etc so all i need is a good heathly diet to follow. Any ideas on what i should be eating breakfast-dinner?

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Answer by Emily
my diet plan….

Monday breakfast: yogurt fruit with some granola = around 250 calories
Monday Lunch: Salad = 300 calories (at most)
Monday Dinner: Veggie burgers (morning star brand) = 500 calories (about)

Tuesday breakfast: Chocolate pop tart = 350 calories only 20 g sugar
Tuesday lunch: veggie lasagna= 400 calories
Tuesday dinner: cheese quesadilla, rice, beans = 600 calories

Wednesday breakfast: go lean crunch cereal = 450 calories
Wednesday lunch: apple,string cheese, mini bag of popcorn= 470 calories
Wednesday dinner: baked potatoes, low fat sour cream, sprinkle of cheese= 390 calories

Thursday breakfast:pancakes, eggs=400 calories
Thursday lunch: pasta with marinara sauce = 400 calories
Thursday dinner: almond raspberry salad= 250 calories

Friday breakfast: Go lean crunch cereal = 450 calories
Friday lunch: mixed veggies and some bread = 300 calories
Friday dinner: homemade cheese and veggie pizza = 600 calories

Weekends are my free days as long as i exercise 😀 hope this helps
I am so tired of typing my hands hurt!!! 🙁

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