FitBall Mini Exercise Ball FBMINI 9″ Dark Blue

FitBall Mini Exercise Ball FBMINI 9″ Dark Blue

  • Genuine Ball Dynamics Fitball Mini. Long Lasting – High Quality Pilates Mini Ball.
  • For resistance and focused work
  • Dark blue color. Soft and easy-grip texture
  • Use slightly deflated for best functionality
  • The best quality pilates mini exercise ball available.

FitBALLĀ® Mini

Ball Dynamics is the leading sports ball manufactuer. Balls are of excellent quality less likely to deflate or puncture than competing balls. The FitBALL Mini is a 9″ inflatable ball used for resistance work in Pilates and other mat fitness programs. The FitBALL Mini is also a wonderful tool for adding focus and energy to your workouts. In addition, it can be used slightly deflated as a soft prop under the head, neck, feet, back, etc. Dark blue color with soft, easy-grip texture.

List Price: $ 6.00

Price: $ 5.60

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