Family picnic

Family picnic
Budgeting Tips
Image by Ed Yourdon
Riverside Park stroll – June 2008 – 048

These pictures were taken during a three hour stroll on a warm, pleasant Sunday afternoon at the beginning of June 2008. I started at 97th St, walked north to the end of the "upper" part of Riverside Park, and then back to 96th St, where there’s an underpass below the West Side Highway. I then walked south, past the 79th St. Boat Basin, past the place on 72nd Street where you can rent kayaks, and out to the end of the pier that extends into the Hudson River around 67th St.

Another bucolic family scene … The little girl with the sunglasses is cute — and it’s easy to overlook the small baby, sound asleep behind the mother…

Note: this photo was published in a Jan 12, 2009 blog article entitled "Family Travel Tips for Roaming on a Budget." And it was published in a Mar 15, 2010 Ezine Buzz Report blog with the same title as the caption that I used on this Flickr page. It was also published in an Aug 10, 2011 blog titled "10 Fresh Ezine Publishing Tips To Maximize Your Success."

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