healthy diet tips!?

Question by Jen: healthy diet tips!?
i am thinking of starting a diet but not like a huge one, more like just eating healthier to loose some of the excess weight before summer. i only want to loose about 7- 10 pounds and i was looking for some ideas on how to eat healthy and diet at the same time. my weakness is sweets so healthy sweet ideas would be great alone with healthy meal choices that i can make at home for lunch and dinner. i already go to the gym and work out alot so just food ideas would be perfect!
any suggestions?

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Answer by Nancy K
Try the Wu-Yi Diet:

It’s a Chinese tea based diet and has helped me lose 8 lbs. in the past 2 weeks.

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50 More Healthy Foods Magnets

50 More Healthy Foods Magnets

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Please give me some tips on how to lose weight in a healthy way!?

Question by Cici Van wilder: Please give me some tips on how to lose weight in a healthy way!?
I’m 17 and 20 pounds overweight. I used to have a really good metabolism but I just moved in with my grandparents. There is SO MUCH junk food and candy around that anyone would be tempted to eat a ton. Needless to say, all the junk food caused me to suddenly gain 20 pounds. Does anyone have any healthy diet tips? I’m really unhappy with all the extra weight.

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Answer by Random Guy
burn more fat than you consume 30 mins on an elleiptical a day should do it

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Go Green – Nutritional Benefits Of Cucumber – Tips For Healthy Eating

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Food Factor – How To Choose Vegetables In Market – Tips For Healthy Eating

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Nutricise CD

Nutricise CD

  • Happy Blend of Active Learning Songs That Give Children Healthy Tips!
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By Catherine Slonecki M.A. Good nutrition and exercise are the keys to healthy children. Nutricise is a happy blend of active learning songs that give children healthy eating tips and nutritional information along with fitness activities at a level 3-7 year olds understand. Physical fitness is incorporated into the songs that cheerfully impart the elements of a healthy diet including the importance of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Children chant about good nutrition, balanced meals, the importance of fruits and vegetables and how to be healthy and physically fit. The catchy music and playful lyrics will have everybody moving, singing and learning.

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The Good Food Express

The Vegetable Rock

Animal Aerobics

Junk Food Judy

Food For Thought

I Am What I Eat

Fast Food Detective

I’m Feeling Good About Myself

Walking Along


It’s Great to Get in Shape

Taking Good Care of Me

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