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Muscle enhancers help people to build muscle more efficiently, and omega-3 is one such enhancer because it deadens the inflammation in the body. Learn about the relationship between building muscles and healing muscles with help from a professional bodybuilder and trainer in this free video on muscle building tips. Expert: Rene Endara Contact: Bio: Rene Endara is a professional bodybuilder, trainer, and is CEO of his personal training company. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Fitness : Lat Exercises for Bodybuilding & Weight Lifting

Weight lifting and body building exercises work the latissimus dorsi muscles or lats as they are commonly referred to. Perform these exercises with a lat pull down machine, cable and a stack of weights found on commercial and home gym equipment as explained by a personal trainer in this free video on fitness. Expert: Jason Morgan Bio: Jason Morgan works as a personal trainer in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, and holds a certification through The International Sports Sciences Association. Filmmaker: Rendered Communications Series Description: Weight lifting, body building and other exercises require the right equipment and training to be successful in losing weight and maintaining the ideal basal metabolic rate. Learn more about these exercises from a personal trainer in this free video series on fitness.
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Natural Bodybuilder Body Weight Exercises for a Great Upper Body Workout !!!!!

natural bodybuilder gives a quick upper bodyworkout without dumbells or weights you can get great results with these three excercises shown in the video and transform your upper body!!!! Perform these three basic exercises back to back with no rest as a super set or you can perform each exercise for 3 to 4 sets to failure!!!!!! Personally my best benchpress is 335lbs and this workout kicked my ass!!!!! I was very sore the next day in my chest and triceps Please visit our free website at

O706UM Otomix Bodybuilding Workout Top (XXL, Black)

O706UM Otomix Bodybuilding Workout Top (XXL, Black)

  • Bodybuilding Workout Top
  • Otomix Muscle Top with Universal logo
  • Bodybuilding Shirt featuring wide arms and neck
  • Workout Shirt available in Black or Grey
  • Bodyuilding Clothing shipped same day around the world

This Otomix rag top features the Universal Muscle logo across the front chest area. Made from 100% cotton french terry. This workout top is cut for a loose fit with spacious arm openings. Designed for weight lifting or casual wear. Like the other Otomix rag tops, this Muscle Shirt looks great when worn over a string tank top.

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TRX Suspension Training® for Body Building

Though guys often like to hit the weights to melt off fat, body weight exercise can be extremely effective — especially if you’re paying attention to your form and use a full range of motion. To address this, we’ve asked TRX Master Trainer Marc Coronel to show us some exercises to help you get that beach body.

Best shoulder workout routine Best shoulder workouts bodybuilding program

best shoulder workout best workouts for shoulders best exercises for shoulders best shoulder exercises best bodybuilding workouts best workout programs for the gym best gym workouts best workouts for building muscle best training programs for muscle building best muscle building training…
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David Henry: Xtreme Measures (Bodybuilding)

David Henry: Xtreme Measures (Bodybuilding)

David Henry’s Xtreme Measures is not an instructional video, but a video showcasing the DC training style. Filmed in April of 2008, this DVD by acclaimed filmmaker Mitsuru Okabe showcases the IFBB Pro’s three whole-body workouts sessions to reveal the secret of his speedy success in gaining mass. On his back and biceps day, he starts to train his biceps first. On his leg day, he starts with his calves, hamstrings, and then finally he trains his quads. Why he does that way? You’ll find out with Xtreme Measuresbuckle up, this thing rocks!

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