The Eat-Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook: Lose Weight and Get Healthy – One Mouthwatering, Meal a a Time!

The Eat-Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook: Lose Weight and Get Healthy – One Mouthwatering, Meal a a Time!

Meet the latest addition to New York Times best-selling author Tosca Reno’s phenomenally successful Eat-Clean Diet® series. With The Eat-Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook, Tosca shows that you don’t need meat to Eat Clean! This collection of 150 delicious and doable recipes has something to satisfy all your meat-free and Eat-Clean needs. Presented in the inspiring format you’ve come to expect from Tosca, this book will keep you looking and feeling your best!

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Price: $ 8.98

Workout Results: Improvement! / Helpful Tips / My Body Statistics

The Results are in: I’m Improving!!! I show my body weight specifics and give some tips on how to keep fueled during your diet and increased exercise period. Starting off the week with a new App I will be using throughout this blog; you can get it at… Check it out, it’s how I will be tracking my weight and calories for every day, anyone can download it! Let’s Start February off with a bang!!! Music and effects brought to you by: iMovie ’11 If you liked it or know someone who would like to watch me shed the pounds subscribe and follow my journey, so that it can become your journey too! Thanks to Tobuscus for being a sport!
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What would you say is a good food diet and exercise plan?

Question by MusicLover358: What would you say is a good food diet and exercise plan?
I’m 13 years old about 5ft 2 inch and 61.8 kg :S I have a chubby stomach and want to loose the body fat I have. I can’t eat nuts because I’m allergic and I don’t eat lamb. I need a good diet plan and exercise plan to help me lose weight or body fat fast and healthily thanks 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Rosalie Priest
If you want to lose stomach fat, you have to do lots of cardio and healthy eating. Doing sit-ups and crunches work a different group of stomach muscles, so that wont lose the fat below your abs. Stay away from sugary drinks, or juices bc you consume so many calories without filling yourself. You said you were allergic to tree nuts, so I would recommend avocado. It’s filling and healthy. Hope this helps. 🙂

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Healthy in a Hurry: Simple, Wholesome Recipes for Every Meal of the Day

Healthy in a Hurry: Simple, Wholesome Recipes for Every Meal of the Day

With over 100 accessible recipes and tons of practical advice, this cookbook shows busy cooks how to incorporate nutrient-packed foods into every meal of the day for optimum nutrition and wellbeing.

Everyone is looking for ways to fit wholesome, good-for-you meals into their busy schedules. This solution-oriented cookbook targets 30 super healthy foods and shows you how to make the most of them in delicious dishes, any time of the day. Organized by course—including breakfast, starters and snacks, lunch, dinner, vegetable and grain sides, and dessert—the recipes are packed with nutrients and simple enough to prepare in under 30 minutes. Loaded with useful tips and friendly advice on shopping, prepping in advance, and cooking smarter, this book offers real solutions for getting food on the table (or even packing it to go) during hectic weekdays.

Table of Contents:

Intro Letter

The Basics of Everyday Nutrition

A Guide to Superfoods

Chapter 1: Breakfast

Chapter 2: Starters & Snacks

Chapter 3: Lunch

Chapter 4: Dinner

Chapter 5: Vegetable & Grain Sides

Chapter 6: Dessert

Pantry Basics

Healthy Cooking Tools & Techniques



Sample Recipes:

Buckwheat-blueberry pancakes

Easy egg sandwich with baked egg, wilted greens & Manchego cheese

Sweet corn & edamame salsa with crispy baked tortilla chips

Kale chips with sea salt

Chicken & mango salad with cashews

Quinoa-black bean burger with chipotle mustard

Whole wheat spaghetti with a tangle of garlicky greens

Baked tomatoes stuffed with tuna, capers & parsley bread crumbs

Stir-fried beef & bok choy

Broccoli slaw with apples & pecans

Whole-grain couscous with dried fruits & almonds

Mixed berries with ricotta cream

Oatmeal–dark chocolate bars

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Pgs 20-21, Raptor (2012)

Pgs 20-21, Raptor (2012)
Occupational Health And Safety
MYSTERY IN THE RAPTOR – Officials discuss previously unexplained events in F-22
by Amaani Lyle and Justin Oakes
American Forces Press Service/Air Combat Command Public Affairs

7/1/2012 – WASHINGTON D.C. — Following months of life support systems components testing in the F-22 Raptor, officials have "determined with confidence" the source of previously unexplained physiological incidents, the director of operations for the Air Force’s Air Combat Command said July 31 at a Pentagon news conference. Since September 2011, when the aircraft returned to flight operations, the Air Force has worked to determine why a small number of pilots have experienced symptoms such as dizziness while flying or disorientation post-flight, and to reduce the risk of those incidents. In January 2012, the Air Force created the F-22 Life Support Systems Task Force, which consists of approximately two dozen Air Combat Command specialists and hundreds of others from across the Air Force and other governmental agencies, including NASA and the Navy, as well as industry partners.

The combined medical disciplines of flight medicine, toxicology, physiology, human factors and occupational health have enabled the service to assemble "pieces of the mosaic" that reside in the cockpit, said Maj. Gen. Charles W. Lyon, who was designated by Air Force Secretary Michael B. Donley in January to lead an investigative task force. The general pinpointed the upper pressure garment, oxygen delivery hoses, quick connection points and the air filter canister, that had been used for a few months in the aircraft, as contributing factors to previously unexplained physiological incidents in which some pilots complained of hypoxia-like symptoms.

"As we completed end-to-end testing in the life support systems components, we are able to piece together the contributing factors for our previously unexplained incidents," Lyon said, crediting an "integrated, collaborative approach by government and industry" in helping the Air Force develop its findings. The task force, Lyon said, leveraged the investigative efforts of numerous safety investigation boards and the Air Force’s Scientific Advisory Board to eliminate contamination as the root cause of the incidents.

Air Force officials used intensive altitude chamber and centrifuge protocols to isolate variables in the flight gear and cockpit connections, the general said. They also analyzed thousands of samples of gases, volatile and semi-volatile compounds, solids and liquids, and compared that data to occupational hazard standard levels.

"Managing risks to our F-22 force has always been pre-eminent as we work through this complex set of factors," Lyon said. "In the end, there is no ‘smoking gun.’"

The fleet, grounded for five months last year, has flown nearly 8,000 sorties totaling more than 10,000 flight hours since its last reported unexplained incident in March, Lyon said.

As a result, at the end of July, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta approved a gradual lifting of restrictions he placed on F-22 flights in May.

In a recent update to Panetta that led to the decision to roll back the restrictions, Air Force officials said the service employed thorough, in-depth analysis to eliminate contamination as a contributing factor to its most recent incident and charted a path to eliminate all significant contributing factors today and in the future.

"We left no stone unturned in the investigative process," Lyon said, adding that the service will continue to move forward with enhancements and fixes as NASA concludes an independent investigation.

The Air Force’s investigative process also involved canvassing the F-22 communities to gauge pilot, maintainer and family member confidence in the aircraft’s safety, Lyon said.

"I recently visited our F-22 bases, and I can tell you, their confidence is high," he said, noting that no hybrid high-altitude flight operations and high-maneuverability aircraft could be completely immune to such incidents. "There’s no other aircraft our pilots would rather fly in the service of our nation," he added.

Underscoring this sentiment, Air Combat Command’s top general completed F-22 Raptor pilot qualification June 27, reinforcing his personal stake in the Air Force’s efforts to identify the root cause of unexplained physiological incidents involving a small number of Raptor crews.

"As Airmen, risk is part of our lives as members of the military," said Gen. Mike Hostage, the commander of Air Combat Command. "I’m asking these Airmen to assume some risk that exceeds the norm in day-to-day training, and I have to be willing to do it myself and experience firsthand what they do."

Hostage completed his F-22 qualification training with the 325th Fighter Wing at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla.

"Flying the airplane allows me to understand exactly what our Airmen are dealing with," Hostage said. "It’s an amazing airplane to fly, and I’m confident in the procedures we have in place to help enhance crew safety."

Trader Joe’s FOOD Haul!

My fave food: Brussel Sprouts! I went crazy at Trader Joes and want to show you what I got! Yay! LOVE – err – addicted to grocery shopping! ♥ INSPIRATIONAL SHIRTS: ♥ BLOG ♥ FB ♥ TWEET: ♥ TUMBLR: ♥ PINTEREST ♥ INSTAGRAM: ***** Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, winner of YouTube Next Trainer, and was also recently named FITNESS Magazine’s Best Healthy Living Blogger.

What is the name of the song used in the ad campaign from WorkCover New South Wales, titled “Homecomings”?

Question by allyally14: What is the name of the song used in the ad campaign from WorkCover New South Wales, titled “Homecomings”?
WorkCover NSW commenced a compelling awareness campaign on 27 January 2007 focusing on the broader impact that a workplace injuries can have on home and family. Titled ‘Homecomings’ the campaign, brings home the message about the importance of staying safe at work in order to return home to your family safely.

The campaign’s theme, workplace safety doesn’t just affect you at work – it affects your whole family, emphasises the importance of placing a high value on safety, in a personal way.
The campaign and concept was originated by WorkSafe Victoria and adapted for WorkCover NSW, following the successful impact of the Victorian campaign, which ran in 2006. It is an example of the States working together to harmonise key areas of occupational health and safety and workers compensation.

The campaign’s message is an important one for the whole community as workplace injuries bear a heavy social and financial cost. In 2004/05 there were 125 work related fatalities in NSW were 50,000 serious injuries (they are injuries with more than 5 days off work) and over a billion dollars in costs. The campaign includes an advertising element which will air on television as well as radio, newspapers and buses in metropolitan, regional and ethnic media across NSW.

There are many reasons for staying safe at work. One of the most important reasons is to ensure a safe return home to friends and family. Workplace injuries can affect employers, colleagues and the community. In a worst case scenario workplace incidents can cost lives. There are simple things people can do to help safety at work, such as reporting hazards and risks if you identify them, following safe work methods and cooperating with employers instructions.

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Answer by me
could you give a link to the commercial at least? some more info to work with?

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