Workplace Occupational Health Safety Is Essential

Workplace Occupational Health Safety Is Essential

Workplace Occupational Health Safety Is Essential

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Home Page > Business > Workplace Occupational Health Safety Is Essential

Workplace Occupational Health Safety Is Essential

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Posted: Mar 16, 2009 |Comments: 0




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Workplace Occupational Health Safety Is Essential

By: Joseph Fonseka

About the Author

OHS consultant and author of and an expert in OHS compliance through effective OHS risk management systems.

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Article Source: – Workplace Occupational Health Safety Is Essential

The site is a registered training organisation (RTO) specialising in OHS (Occupational Health Safety). Their objective is to assist industries with OHS compliance through effective OHS risk management systems.They believe that some work places do not have the resources of health and safety professionals. This organisation then takes steps to protect such businesses and their employers by using OHS Consultants who are trained professionals and who provide OHS training. Their innovative training solutions improve productivity and morale within the work place. Some of their courses included driver fatigue management training, the organization offers OHS consulting advice and training strategies which provide ‘on-the-job’ training and assessment.

The trainers and OHS Consultants possess years of experience and expertise to help their clients meet the various OHS challenges and improve their safety and training compliance. Benchmark OHS Consulting strategy can reduce company accidents and injuries, lower work cover fines and prosecution as well as improve safety performance. The on site risk assessment / management is developed for workers employed in any workplace. The courses are designed in such a manner that they pinpoint secure working patterns for work stations including adjustment of furniture layout to suit individual needs. Additionally, it also offers safe methods of handling office materials to eliminate accidents and injuries.

The objective of each module aims at reviewing the occupational health and safety especially with reference to risk management within the office environment. It is also a platform wherein the officers and managers are informed about office ergonomics in a work station environment. Such course duration generally lasts for a period of eight hours. The driver fatigue management training is responsible for providing direction about when to drive / work and rest that enables bus / coach drivers to develop a schedule so that they don’t over strain themselves. In some companies many people contribute in developing drivers’ schedules. In such a situation, the operator decides who is responsible for working out the schedule and ensures that such people are trained properly. This training course is required by those managers, supervisors and schedulers implementing driver fatigue management training.

OHS consulting services offer training in construction, manufacturing, transport and logistics, hospitality, retail and health care. The OHS management system development and implementation assists in bridging the gap in legislative and industrial requirement ensuring a more productive compliant and profitable work place. Some of the OHS policies and procedures include specific OHS Audit, OHS construction induction courses, machinery guarding assessment, OHS Consultancy Advice and many such. For OHS Green Card courses, payment could be made on the day of induction either in cheque or cash. Credit card payments could be made on-line at the time of booking.

For responsible service of Alcohol (RSA) courses and responsible service of Gambling (RSG) courses, payment is usually made through credit card only. Prior payment via electronic fund transfer (EFT) or payment in person should be made at least one day before course commencement. In the case of other courses, payment is generally received two weeks in advance of course commencement. The course fee is non-refundable if the candidate fails to attend or cancels within 24 hours of the course. Medical certificates are accepted and re-booking is possible if done within 4 weeks of course commencement.

The road transport and logistics course is designed for those employed in the logistics and transport industry. Participants being inducted into this course are generally heavy vehicle drivers like bus drivers, couriers and transport operators. This program is usually undertaken in realistic environments and during working periods. It is normally an on-site training session. The OHS Procedure is a work method statement. It has been designed and developed for employers which enable them to give direct instructions on how to install glass windows safely. The document could be used as part of an induction process and implemented into the existing OHS system. The procedures include cement rendering, floor and wall tiling, installation of roof batons and granite bench tops.

The OHS productivity places program aims to provide free training for the unemployed. This program is a great way to improve one’s skills as it offers new areas of training. It is designed to assist the unemployed securing employment. The training can be delivered locally to the candidates where they can gain new qualification or upgrade their existing expertise. The training courses would be available in industries experiencing skill shortages. The duration, timing and location of the courses are dependent on the candidate’s qualification. To be eligible for a training slot, the trainee needs to be on the look out for a job and should be a permanent resident of Australia and a citizen of the country. Preferably, the age of candidate should be over 15 years. The self employed personnel are not eligible for this program.

The OHS management systems provided by Benchmark OHS Consulting have attained acclaim from the companies it has been associated with. The risk management solutions and their high quality service through training and OHS consulting is outstanding. Some companies which require Hazard Identification Process, the Benchmark OHS Consulting organization effectively help these companies in adopting hazard identification register. They have also assisted companies to update themselves with OHS compliance at the earliest possible.

The health and safety representatives play a pivotal role in keeping the work place safe. By representing workers, they provide the means for workers to raise safety issues within their work place and follow a process with employers to resolve such issues. Where ever such issues are resolved successfully, it effectively avoids human and financial costs of work place injuries. Training is inducted to assist health representatives to effectively carry out their roles. OHS is an important part of any business or industry and should be approached professionally with care and consideration. The OHS consultants assist organizations to document their health and safety programs through the development of policy and procedural manuals. The policy manual complements the existing documentation and assists with statutory requirements. It provides specific and practical guidance relevant to the task or process.

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(ArticlesBase SC #819134)

Joseph Fonseka
About the Author:

OHS consultant and author of and an expert in OHS compliance through effective OHS risk management systems.


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