What is Discretionary Income – Online Budgeting Software

Online Budgeting Software www.myonlinebudgetingsoftware.org In this video, Corey Vandenberg explains what is discretionary income. When creating a budget, whether you use our online budgeting software, or a simple ledger. It is important to know what your income to expense ration is. A general rule of thumb is to stay within an 85% expense to income ratio. Of course the more you save, the better off you will be. Budgeting will help you account for every dollar made and spent. Building a budget is the act of combining your income and expenses so that you can decide how much money you are going to spend on one item, how much on another, and so on-before you actually spend the money. Creating a budget doesn’t mean that all of your problems are going to be solved, but it is an important step to determining your financial health and creating financial stability. It won’t be too difficult to create a budget, but it will be very difficult to stick with one. Creating and using an Online Budgeting Software is a priceless tool for everyone; it’s not just for those who need to closely monitor their cash flows from month to month because “cash is tight”. For people who earn enough income to cover their bills and have a regular monthly surplus, a budget can help maximize investment capital by allocating regular portions to investment means such as retirement accounts, college education plans and personal investment accounts. http For more budgeting tips, please visit www
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