What is a healthy diet for a 13 year old?

Question by lizbeth: What is a healthy diet for a 13 year old?
So i am 13 about to be 14 and i am putting on some weight that i dont want i have told my mom to help me lose weight but she doesnt take me serious. So i need to know a healthy diet, tips, and what not to eat

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Answer by James R
unless your like 140lbs at your age i wouldnt worry to much about your weight! Your still a growing girl and you dont want to stunt your growth and hormones with a calorie deficient diet! Try to eat plenty of Vegetables and fruits and some sources of very lean meats and dairy/nuts with some complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread and pasta! Try to be active and play outside, go ride your bike or jump rope with your friends or w.e girls your age do im a guy i wouldnt know lol.

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