What adoption related blogs or sites are you reading right now?

Question by Gershom: What adoption related blogs or sites are you reading right now?
I recently discovered ChildLaw and its REALLY GOOD.


Does anyone else have a favorite adoption related blog or site they want to share?
Hey thanks for some new links, some here I haven’t seen or heard of before so I’m stoked on that! Especially the China ones. I appreciate it thank you!

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Answer by spydermomma
I heart Childlaw.

Also the wonderful Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute:

Desiree and Usha’s Fleas Biting:

And for China, Brian Stuy’s blog, Research China:

And so many blogs from adult adoptees, it makes my head spin (and keeps me up till, ahem, almost 2am yet again), including many who post here (Possum, Amy, Jae-Ran, Harlow’s Monkey, Ethnically Incorrect Daughter, late lamented Twice the Rice, and many others). And some from adoptive parents also (Third Mom, Just enjoy him, Clueless in Carolina). And first moms’ also. I need to go to bed, or I would post highlights. Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow.

And can’t resist throwing in the related (for me at least) blogs on Race:


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