Tourists with maps #2

Tourists with maps #2
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Image by Ed Yourdon
These two young women were sitting at the base of the obelisk in the center of Rome’s Piazza del Popolo, consulting what appears to be a tourist map of some kind. Now they’re both looking at the map, looking somewhat puzzled and frustrated…

Note: this photo was published (albeit in an incredibly tightly-cropped form) in a March 12, 2009 blog article entitled "15 Tips for Living in a Developing Country." It was also published in an Apr 17, 2009 blog titled "Tourist or Traveler – Which One Are You?" And it was published in a Jul 22, 2009 blog titled "Travel Etiquette Site Explains How To Behave In Different Countries." More recently, it was published in a Sep 14, 2009 blog titled "Tourists, Expats, and That Fragile Sense of Belonging." It was also published in a Sep 16, 2009 blog titled "Things to Know Before You Go Somewhere." And it was published in a Sep 25, 2009 blog titled "Preparación para emergencias durante viajes ."

Note: having seen that this photo has become fairly popular, I decided to "tweak" it on Sep 25, 2009 to make it a little better. I began by lightening the shadows in the woman’s pants on the left, and then adjusting the "hot spots" and "cold spots" caused by too much sunlight/glare in some areas, and too much darkness in others. Not sure anyone will notice the results of this work, but trust me: it is a better photo now!

Moving into 2010, the photo was published in a Jan 6, 2010 Spanish blog titled "Diversos estilos de turistas." And it was published in a Jun 30, 2010 blog titled "Friends Are Good For Your Health." It was also published in a Jul 20, 2010 blog titled "How to Avoid Travel Scams." And it was published in an Aug 10, 2010 blog titled "Does the Lower Haight Exist?" It was also published in the Sep 15, 2010 issue of the Stuff Hipsters Hate blog, in an article titled "Not Knowing Where the Party At." And it was published in an undated (mid-Oct 2010) Women’s Tuxedos blog, with the same title as the caption I put on this Flickr page, as well as another mid-October 2010 Women’s Tuxedo blog titled "Tuxedo T Shirts – Fun for the Modern Family." It was also published in a Nov 7, 2010 blog titled "16 tips for safe trips," and a Nov 11,2010 blog titled "PMS Relief Is Like The Heaven For The Women."

These photos were taken during a week in Rome, at the beginning of December 2008. I was participating in a computer conference, but had some free time at the beginning and end of the trip; unfortunately, the weather was not very cooperative, and my photography efforts were sometimes interrupted by rain…

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