The Bill Clinton Smoothie

The Bill Clinton Smoothie
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Takes only 5 to 10 minutes to make, for breakfast or at any time of the day for lots of Energy & effective Weight Loss :

The Bill Clinton Smoothie?
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How President Bill Clinton reversed his own Heart Disease using only Natural foods with a life style change?

The Answer to this can be found here.

What is a Plant Based Diet?
This question gets asked a lot ,and many people have different ideas of what a plant based diet is and so I intend to find out for myself what its really all about.
A good place to look for answers is wikipedia , so I went there to see what this online dictionary had to say , and the answers may surprise you?

According to Wikipedia a Plant Based Diet can mean different things to different people.
Here are the examples of a plant based diet.

Seven variations are mentioned ,but if you combine and mix them with your cultural cuisine then you could potentially have dozens of variables.

These are the seven listed:

HERBIVORE: can be any mammal or human that adapts to eating plants and not meat of any kind.

VEGANISM: Is the ultimate 100 percent plant based diet ,with absolutely no food from animal sources including the bee product honey. How ever probiotic bacterial cultures are generally accepted.

FRUITARIANISM: Is very similar to Veganism , where the meals consist of primarily fruit and their seeds.

RAW VEGANISM: Is a type of Veganism, but with food uncooked in their RAW state with life giving Enzymes , and water soluble vitamins like vitamin C in-tacked and ready for available digestion of the nutrients. Some of their raw food preparations may be dehydrated at very low temperatures that may take hours to prepare to preserve the enzymes of the food. Raw fermented foods are also used.

VEGETARIANISM: Is a plant based diet that may include eggs,milk and cheese.
One important note on Vegetarianism: Many commercially processed foods are labeled as vegetarian as the Processed Food Giants know that this is a huge and growing niche consumer market place for them.

MACROBIOTIC DIET: Macrobiotic cuisine originated in japan ,then expanded world wide .
This diet is plant based and uses all whole foods from nature including vegetables, fruits, legumes,seeds, fermented soy products,sea vegetables, mushrooms, bancha green tea, and other herbs with occasional sea food mostly fish.

SEMI-VEGETARIANISM: Is a plant based diet with occasional meat products from land and the sea.

If you could label your self what would you be?

For myself I would say that I am a combination of some of the above and I practice the following from the most practiced to the least practiced in this order.
Raw Veganism ,Veganism,Fruitarianism ,(Often I eat only fruit at a sitting)
Macrobiotic diet,( I live in South East Asia and use local organically grown and wild crafted produce in season as much as possible with a Thai flavor) I am also a Sproutarian. A process of adding air oxygen and pure water in darkness to germinate seeds , nuts, and grains. This process will Alkalize , and increase the bio available nutrients for my body, and gives me the opportunity to save the seeds for my garden.

I practice Vegetarianism the least . Wild same day seafood from my local Sea Gypsy village. I include on occasion , a free range organic duck or hen egg. Some times on occasion a free range duck or hen that is found in my village. Maybe on occasion some raw organic goat milk that I make cultured Kefir from.
Note that I boycott most all man made processed foods , I look for real food that only nature can provide.
I do not smoke , and I do not take any Pharmaceutical Drugs , including over the counter prescriptions.
I do on occasion drink Organic Red Wine with a meal that includes a small portion of cooked meat with lots of raw vegetables with steamed and cultured foods.
When you prepare your meals at home you are in control of your diet . When you eat out you are out of control of your diet.

For Bill Clinton what kind of Plant Based Diet diet would he be on? The answer will surprise you.

The best choice to have , is to eat foods loaded with life sustaining enzymes like RAW LEAFY GREENS, FRUITS,VEGETABLES,SPROUTED GRAINS,NUTS,SEEDS,HERBS,and Sea vegetables, with the following foods for your Vegetarian Plant Based Diet Plan.

Steamed , baked, or pan fried small cold water fish, such as Wild Seafoods of ,Salmon,Tuna,Mackerel, Sardines,and smaller Tuna directly from the wild , and never from the farm.
Farm raised fish , are penned in and their movement is controlled in close proximity to each other causing stress and disease. Routinely the Fish farms will dose the water with a chemical bath ,including antibiotic treatments.This high protein and essential vitamin B-12 source will also provide essential bioavailable, Omega 3 fatty Acids that the body needs.But many people will think about all the Mercury ,that we hear about all the time from the media.The fact is a person will have much more Mercury in their mouth than a fish would have in their bodies ,if the persons mouth is full of dental mercury amalgam fillings that is getting a lot of press lately.
I recommend to find a good Environmental Dentist and have the toxic fillings removed.
To reduce or even eliminate your exposure to Mercury stay away from large predatory fish like sharks, swordfish ,Large Tuna, and other large predatory seafood species as the mercury load will be much greater.
A good tip to reduce or eliminate Mercury or any heavy metal from consuming fish is to drink Green Tea with the meal. Yes its true .Studies have proven that drinking Green tea with fish creates a chelation effect that only green tea can do, as black tea does not work as well according to the studies. The reduction of mercury can be as high as 95 percent in some of the results. Eat sparingly and in small portions.
If the ducks, chickens, and their eggs are grass and grained fed organically and open range then this food may be considered in your diet. Eat sparingly and in small portions.
Dairy that is grass feed ,organic,and cultured naturally, is good in moderation and sparingly.
Many people may think ,how can I eat this way it looks bland,boring,not tasty,and to difficult to make? This kind of thinking is far from the truth , as many large groups of people today living on planet Earth are eating exactly this way every day of their lives and living happy and healthy to a ripe mature age.

These five groups of people are from,the island of Sardinia Italy, Lorma Linda California,Okinawa Japan,Nicoya,Costa Rica,and the island of Ikaria Greece referred to as the 5 Blues Zones of the world.
The explorer Dan Buettner,worked with the National Geographic Society, in 2004 to identify and research the longest living human beings, on Earth. These sociable ,happy people lived close to Nature and Spirit, with a strong sense of purpose in life. Many of them lived on into their Hundredth Birthday and beyond. Dan Buettner named these five longevity locations the Blue Zones.
In fact today it really is easy to learn to eat this way with all the Food Website information on line these days.Plus with You Tube recipe videos on line ,plus all the books on Raw Plant based dieting out there its easy to find the information you are looking for these days . I live a Plant Based mostly raw diet every day for years now with no problem what so ever , and you can do it to, if you want to ?

To go from the SAD diet, (Standard American Diet )like I did, you would have to slowly transition over into it and I will explain why and in much more detail in another article because,for most people living in the modern world it will not be so easy in the beginning . Some people may fail their first time around especially if they go into it fast and abruptly. They may only succeed the second or third time around . This can happen for a host of different reasons. But for those who have succeeded in the transition over to a plant based diet with lots of living foods will know how they felt then and how they feel today over time.

Their taste buds have changed ,among many other things over time and when they do cheat and go back to their old ways of dieting its not the same as before. Trust me on this one. After eating for years Natures Plant based foods of Natures natural sugars and continuing to do so to this day,I can only give you one incident that under unusual circumstances of myself eating into a sugary processed cookie . It only confirmed the fact in my mind and to my taste buds as well, that there is no longer any appeal anymore to my appetite or even to my palate and taste buds to even want to entertain the idea of going back to consuming processed commercial foods again that is lacking in fiber and real taste that Nature intended.

Ingredients and Method to the Bill Clinton Smoothie:

Bill loves almond milk,in the morning with some fruit and protein powder ,so what kind of smoothie would Bill make in the morning? Or if I was to make a smoothie for Bill Clinton what would it look like, and how would it taste?
I can let Bill decide ?

The Bill Clinton Smoothie Ingredients: Plus Nutritional information in (brackets) showing the highest prominent nutrients for that particular food. Also I am including some of my comments for these important foods through out as well.

Normally many Smoothie enthusiasts like to use bananas for fruit but in this case I would like to make something more special for Bill.

Fruits: One whole organic apple has ( Pectin fiber,Malic Acid, a good source for Vitamin C
( Vitamin C Vitamin K and B-6. Minerals include Calcium,Iron,Magnesium,Phosphorus,High in Potassium, with Copper and Manganese.)
Note that with all fruits and vegetables the nutrients are densely concentrated more towards the skin and on the skins themselves so this is another reason to eat organically, for ultimate nutrition plus the dietary fiber of the skins will help with your transit time ,and help feed the friendly probiotic bacteria in your digestive tract.I also recommend consuming any edible seed from organic produce or save them for growing in your garden which is what I do.


4 plump Dates : Dates is Natures Sweetness for any recipe. All I can say is why in the world would any body need the empty calories and simple carbohydrates like processed white sugar when NATURE provides all the complex carbohydrates that includes dietary fiber , and vitamins and minerals that are missing in the white granulated processed sugar products ? Dates and other naturally sweet foods eaten in moderation can easily ween a person off the addictions of the processed food industries with support from a Natural Path ND, or people close enough to you that you know already that have already kicked the habit can help you only if you want it? Simple processed sugars are one of the biggest contributors to Obesity, Malnutrition, Blood Sugar Spikes, Diabetes, Candida , Tooth decay,and Chronic Illnesses .
Why do I know this? Because more than 2 decades ago I was addicted to processed sugary foods and my weight ballooned to extreme measures , and when I was tested and diagnosed with a barge of weight related diseases and given grim outlooks from my Doctors with no real natural remedy or plan to reverse my condition .I took it upon myself to find Doctors like Bill Clinton did to find out the Truth and to implement a safe and natural protocol to lose my excess weight naturally . And then to my amazement ,after some time mind you, all the chronic symptoms that I was experiencing just went away and never returned after losing half my body weight. I am not alone , and many people out there have went through the ordeal, and have experienced the same thing so its nothing new.But I wish more people would find the way to make the transition over like Bill Clinton did, and this is why I am writing this article I want to give you inspiration and encouragement.
If I can do it, and Bill can do it , and other people in the same situation can do it ,then you can do it as well.

The Date is a fruit that grows on palm trees in tropical countries around the world. You will be surprised how nutritious dates are from the following findings. Dates of course are very high in dietary fiber and natural absorbent that helps the transit time in your intestinal tract and preventative protection against colon cancer. Dates contain flavonoids , antioxidants,and tannins that have anti inflammation, and anti microbial properties that protect the internal environment of your body. A good source of Vitamin A ,Beta -Carotene , a good source of the mineral Iron ,to support the hemoglobin production in your blood,and is high in the mineral Potassium that has a protective effect against heart disease. The date contains Calcium and Magnesium for your good bone health. For Vitamins dates are high in K , that helps with your bones,and the B complex vitamins that help to regulate your metabolism. All this and more from a date.You can find out more information on the health benefits of dates by visiting the Resources : Cup of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice :
Just one cup of fresh squeezed orange juice supplies more than 200 percent of your daily requirements of vitamin C. It is very important to freshly squeeze the oranges for the living enzymes and flavonoids that only you can get from fresh squeezed , over the carton of store bought boiled devitalized dead products that are passed off as real orange juice.
Vitamin C is essential to our health meaning our body can not make it inside on its own like other animals can so we need to replenish every day with high Vitamin C rich foods like Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice. Some good informative resources from fit day for you’re reading.

24 sprouted whole almonds ( Sprouted Almonds are high in protein,and rich in dietary fiber, and rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids that support the good health of your heart. Almond Is rich in Vitamin E, and are non gluten that makes them perfect for people that have gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. Almonds are rich in the vitamin B-complex that work with enzymes and cofactors to assist in the metabolism of foods . Very rich in the minerals ,manganese,potassium,calcium,iron,magnesium,zinc and the trace mineral selenium.
Sprouting almond is nutritionally important because you release the enzyme inhibitors,and you increase the oil content , with increased omega fatty acids and the almond just tastes better like believe it or not like chocolate or a savory cross between chocolate and cinnamon.
Let them dry out first in a towel to absorb the moister, then on a plate to air dry. Store them in air tight glass jars in the refrigerator. They will keep for days this way up to a week. Make them in small batches for freshness.
How to sprout Almonds:At night place them in a glass jar of pure water and in the morning drain off the water and wrap them in a natural non white paper towel to draw out the excess moisture and let them later air dry on a plate.

I cup of Organic Brown Rice or Almond milk easily found at most health food stores. Both milks are healthy for you for heart health . The rice milk is a higher in starch and carbohydrates ,and the almond milk is higher in proteins and less in carbohydrates.

Ingredients: How to make your own Home Made Protein Powder ?

One teaspoon of Flax seed 🙁 Omega 3 fatty Acid -Vitamins -Thiamin,Niacin B-6 Folate, Choline,,Minerals Calcium Phosphorus,Zinc,Copper,Manganese and selenium.)
Note that for all seeds its healthier to grind them first in a milling machine that comes with all good blenders. The whole seed for many people especially older people with less hydrochloric
stomach acids can pass many of the seeds undigested and therefore nutrients are unabsorbed by the body so its best to mill the seed first in quantities that you plan to use for the recipe. Also sprouting the seeds will take care of this problem of digestion and nutritional assimilation as well.
Resources :

One teaspoon of Chia seed :(Omega 3 Fatty Acid- Vitamins-Minerals Calcium,Phosphorus,and Manganese)

Pumpkin seeds are noted to be very high in the mineral Zinc and reputed to be one of the key foods that will help to prevent prostate problems in men.

Two teaspoons of unsalted Pumpkin seed: ( Vitamins A ,-Thiamin B-1, Riboflavin B-2, Niacin B-3, and B-6 vitamins C and E -Folate and very high in vitamin K. Minerals Calcium ,Copper,Iron,Magnesium,Manganese,Phosphorus,Potassium ,Selenium and notably very high in the mineral Zinc)
Resources: W H Foods…
Black and White Sesame seeds are part of my main diet and are packed with nutrition. Notably Sesame is very high in the minerals Calcium and Magnesium that work together to help to build strong bones and to regulate the heart muscle. This food is also very high in vitamins B-15 and 17 as well. In my opinion sesame is one of the most neglected foods in western cuisine. The famous health food Humus uses a lot of white sesame paste called Tahini that was created originally from the middle east.
I consider Sesame Seed to be one of the Super Foods in my diet plan.
One teaspoon of White Sesame Seed:(Vitamins A,high in Thiamin B-1, riboflavin B-2, Niacin B-3 & B-6, has Vitamin E and is high in Folate. Minerals Calcium very high,has Copper and Iron,Magnesium is very high ,Manganese is very high and very high in Phosphorus, has Molybdenum,Potassium and also is a good source of the trace mineral,very high in Zinc and a good source for the trace mineral Selenium.)

Resources: WH Foods Worlds Healthiest Foods…
The pollen originated in all the flowers and the honey bees cross pollinate each flower collecting the protein granules as food for the hives inhabitants.
Bee Pollen is reputed to be a Longevity Food, and this food is on my list as a Super Food in my diet plan. Bee Pollen has 22 amino acids at 40% Protein with complex carbohydrates ,and unsaturated fatty acids rounding out this mature made multivitamin. Bee Pollen contains the following Vitamins such as (A,the B complex, C,D and E. Rich in minerals including,Calcium,Phosphorus,Iron,Copper,Iodine,Zinc,Sulfur,Sodium,Chlorine,Magnesium,
Manganese,Molybdenum,Selenium,Boron,Silica,and Titanium. )

Just think about this for a second? What food do you know has all this natural nutrition from one source only like this? I have no need for man made synthetic supplements when nature provides whole food nutrition like this.The only word of caution is for any person that may be allergic to bee venom. In this case it is all ways wise to start off with just a little bit and to wait for any possible negative allergy. For myself I use bee pollen liberally in many of my foods with no problems what so ever. I store the pollen in glass jars in my freezer and this keeps for months just like saving seeds would. Today there is concern about some areas of the world experiencing bee colonies collapsing and it has gotten so serious that in certain parts of China the farmers pollinate their flowers by hand because there are no more bees to do the job. Even today many farmers in the USA must hire bee keepers to load their hives onto trucks to take the bees into the crop lands for pollination. With out Bees it is estimated that we would lose at least 60% of our food supply. A lot of finger pointing is going on, and many groups suspect that the over use of pesticides is killing off many of our honey bee populations.
I know for certain that if I used agricultural chemicals in my organic garden, my own honey bees would not stay around very long. This applies to butterfly’s, amphibians,reptiles,birds and earthworms as well.

One teaspoon of Bee pollen grains:(Natures Complete Vitamin & Mineral Supplement with more Enzymes than most any other food on Planet Earth.

Resources :
Cinnamon is a very ancient spice collected from the cinnamon tree and is sold as powder and sticks that I use in many of my recipes. This is another very powerful super food in my good health regime and for good reason. Cinnamon is Natures preservative with anti microbial activity, that can keep foods longer in storage and it works great with raw honey ,not to mention the wonderful savory taste when the two are mixed together. Health benefits of cinnamon are many, such as the spices ability to help diabetics with normalizing blood sugar. Minerals include (Calcium , Iron and is very high in the trace mineral Manganese.) Manganese is a super antioxidant that helps to build strong bones,and is important for the function of our brain and our bodies nervous system.I enjoy cinnamon almost every day in my tea, smoothies,deserts, sprouted granola, and fruit salads . In the Bill Clinton Smoothie photo I show a naturally hollowed out useful cinnamon stir stick that can also be used for many liquid beverages as a natural straw.

One teaspoon of Cinnamon powder: ( 2nd highest ORAC value rated antioxidant)
5 capsules of Green Spirulina Powder (Complete protein high in chlorophyl , with vitamins and minerals
Resources: WHFoods Worlds Healthiest Foods

SPIRULINA powder is a must for any high plant protein formula. Hawaii and Thailand among other places around the world grow this blue green algae in remote areas of the country in a lake that has high alkalinity. All 8 essential amino acids are in Spirulina making it weight for weight higher in protein than meat and soya. The suns photosynthesis helps to give Spirulina its
rich blue green chlorophyl color,and has an abundance of bioavailable organic minerals that gets readily assimilated into the bodies cells. Rich in the vitamins , (B-6, Biotin,B-12 containing an amazing 250 percent more than beef liver,- the anti stress vitamin Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid, that supports the formation of the red blood cells hemoglobin,Inositol,Niacin
Spirulina is rich in the minerals,Calcium,Phosphorus and Magnesium.)The mineral content is comparable to milk , but I wish to put to rest the one big difference between the two. For years we where to believe through payed advertizing campaigns from the Dairy industry that milk is High in calcium and therefore is good for bone health. But what they never told us is that Milk is very low or even non existent for the essential mineral Magnesium. Calcium by itself cannot be assimilated into the bones with out the mineral Magnesium ,they bind together in a synergy
effect to help build strong bones. In fact all Calcium supplements today are supported with the mineral Magnesium and the typical standard American diet is woefully deficient in the mineral Magnesium. The best sources for these 2 essential minerals is not from the supplement industry
that sells non-plant sources of inorganic mineral salts ,but instead your best source would be directly from the plant kingdom , as organic dark green vegetables would supply. All dark green leafy vegetables including all sea weeds are very high in the organic minerals calcium and magnesium that your body can use for strong bone health.
SPIRULINA is an ancient food and is the oldest recorded plant food source on Planet Earth.
For more information on this super food called Spirulina you can go to and download your free PDF file E book at Resources:

Resources : Natural Ways Spirulina
Open 5 caps of powdered Spirulina or one level teaspoon. Your FREE PDF for great information on Spirulina

SEA VEGETABLES ,OCEAN VEGETABLES OR SEA WEED is a Nutritional must for any diet and the health benefits are many.Personally I eat seaweeds of every kind almost every day because I know of the health benefits and what this incredible superfood can do for my body. It is amazing how sea weed can be used in so many different recipes and you don’t even know that it is there, like in my smoothies, puddings, dips, sauces,soups, and YES deserts as well. Sea weed has trace minerals that land based crops are lacking in so my recommendation to start with for any diet or health and fitness program is to include the nutritional powerhouse of Planet Earths gift from Nature to YOU and that would be SEAWEED.I will be honest about this to you.If I start listing all the health benefits and all the trace Vitamins and Minerals that I know of in seaweed then it would start reading like a long grocery list that would take up pages and pages of this writing and I wont do that. Instead I will forward wonderful and informative links to you about this most neglected and underrated SUPER FOOD called SeaWeed.
Resources: If you go to this site you can opt in and get your free e book on the A to Z facts about Seaweed at Ocean Vegetables Enjoy this great site!!
For a comprehensive breakdown on Seaweeds Nutritional Facts .

Note that the mineral Calcium to Magnesium ratio is about equal making seaweed an excellent choice for bone health and overall support for optimal vibrant health .Even though seaweed is relatively high in sodium it should not be a concern as we need sodium and iodine in our body for good health. Just replace your processed iodized table salt with more seaweed and you will be doing your body much good.
Did you know that organic farming practices routinely use seaweed to amend the top soil for the simple reason that the trace minerals are missing often in todays mono cropping agriculture.
We have many choices of seaweeds to chose from and I recommend eating all the varieties as much as you can. The different varieties of seaweeds are many but here is just a few edibles included such as , Nori,Bull Kelp,Macro Kelp Kombu,Dulse,Wakame,Arame,Sea Lettuce,Hijiki,Bladderwrack,and Alaria.
Seaweed has been eaten by cultures around the world for centuries,and I eat fresh seaweed from the Thai Sea Gypsy Village near our home n Phuket Thailand. For Bill Clintons Smoothie I used Nori Sheets of Seaweed.
Resources to know more from the SeaWeed Experts: Resources:Visit
A small sheet of dry Nori Seaweed hand size cut into small pieces.

To Recap Bill Clintons Home Made Protein Powder:

(1) One teaspoon Flax Seed
(2) One teaspoon Chia Seed
(3) Two teaspoons unsalted Pumpkin Seed
(4) One teaspoon of White or Black Sesame Seed
(5) One teaspoon of Bee Pollen grains
(6) One teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder
(7) One teaspoon of Spirulina Powder
(8) A small sheet of dry Nori Seaweed hand size cut into small pieces.

Method to making the Bill Clinton Protein Powder:

First I want to point out that you can easily purchase all 8 raw ingredients off line from your neighborhood grocery store,health food store ,and Asian supply food stores in your area.
To make this powder I highly recommend purchasing a good quality glass blender that is equipped with a separate DRY MILL cup that fits on top of your blender unit.
Trust me once you have this , you can make all kinds of recipes with it , and up your nutritional intake as well, its a great investment in your good health. Its simple just spoon all your 8 ingredients into the Dry Mill Cup .
Fit the cup on top of the unit then place the lid securely on top to cover the formula and turn on the blender until you see a fine powder that would not take very long , less than half a minute or a few seconds at best. Now you have your home made protein powder for the Bill Clinton Smoothie that can also be used in so many other recipes as well.
Store all your home made protein powders in a glass jar and place it in the freezer section to preserve all the essential oils.

Method for making the Bill Clinton Smoothie:

In your glass blender pour in one cup of Organic Brown Rice or almond milk.
On your chopping board place the 24 whole sprouted almonds . With the flat of your knife crush them and gather them together then slice and dice them all.
Add them to the rice milk.
Next place the 4 dates on the cutting board and dice them making sure all the pits are removed and discarded.
Add the dates to the rice milk.
Place the lid on top and turn on your blender and blend until smooth consistency then put aside.

Method for Bill’s home made protein powder:

Add your fine protein powder to your blender mix and blend or stir in.

Take one whole organic apple and slice it many times on your cutting board include the skins and seeds as well to your blender mix.
Cover the blender with the lid and turn it on until you have a smooth creamy mixture.
Pour into a glass cup and top it with a mixture of bee pollen ,raw honey and lemon juice to taste. Add your cinnamon stir stick to the smoothie.

“This smoothie is a high energy,protein,fiber rich raw enzyme rich super food beverage with a whole spectrum of bio available vitamins and minerals with life giving enzymes for Bill Clinton. And it tastes good as well.”
This savory smoothie is high in enzymes,protein,vitamin and minerals with dietary fiber.

“Some times it takes an extraordinary individual with influence to help others to make a profound positive change for their healthy life style.”

Barry Gourmet & Raw

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