Oil right: choose wisely for heart-healthy cooking. (Eating Right).: An article from: E

Oil right: choose wisely for heart-healthy cooking. (Eating Right).: An article from: E

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Title: Oil right: choose wisely for heart-healthy cooking. (Eating Right).
Author: Orna Izakson
Publication: E (Magazine/Journal)
Date: March 1, 2003
Publisher: Earth Action Network, Inc.
Volume: 14 Issue: 2 Page: 42(2)

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Spending Your Money Wisely – Helpful Tips for Cutting Food Expenses #2

Spending Your Money Wisely – Helpful Tips for Cutting Food Expenses #2

Want to make Wise Spending Decisions? Here are more tips homemakers (Chief Domestic Officers) should know about saving money at the grocery store. 

In the first article on this subject, we discussed the fact that YOU are in control of the spending that goes on. These are additional important ways you can save on your food bill. It’s up to you. 

5)    Here is a big one! Consider buying as few processed / prepared food items as possible.  There is almost one whole aisle in a lot of grocery stores, mostly dedicated to processed/prepared foods.  They are expensive and high in additives and usually very high in calories.

If you are pushed for time, consider meeting yourself half way, such as buying chicken breasts to cook and a box of creamed broccoli, instead of buying it all together as chicken & creamed broccoli already prepared.  If you choose the prepared food, you will be paying a lot more and probably adding a lot more calories! In this situation, you could also choose to buy a chicken already baked and some fresh brocolli to cook. It so much better for your health compared to the prepared ones in the freezer section AND you save money. 

6) Another idea to consider is instead of buying frozen Italian bread with butter and a few herbs, buy fresh Italian bread and spread butter and shake a few herbs on it. (Children love to do it) If you don’t know what the herbs are, read the prepared bread package and find out! You will save money with this decision. 

IT IS TRULY AMAZING how much money you can trim off your food bill by buying the basics and preparing the food yourself.  Certainly I understand, we are all busy, but there needs to be a “cost-benefit” analysis about whether the income considerably outweighs the percentage of the budget spent on prepared and/or processed foods.  Think about your personal situation and is it really worth spending the money for the little bit of extra time that will be spent in preparing an easy-dinner recipe. I personally believe there are also great health benefits to preparing basic foods, as much as your time will allow. With preparing foods at home, you will skip many additives and calories.

7) ANOTHER smart way to save money is by NOT buying individual packets of certain items.  Tons of money can be spent on packaged cold cereals and hot cereals.  For instance, the price increase of individual packets of oatmeal is monumental over buying a big container of quick oats, measuring them into 1/3 cup (that’s how much oatmeal is in the packet) individual servings, ready for you and the kids to add water, and put in the microwave.  Think of how many 1/3 cups you can get from a big container of quick oats and the money you will save! Sprinkle cinnamon or add raisins to your liking.  The same principle applies for small boxes of cold cereal as opposed to the big bag. 

8) In the meat section, lots of times you can buy a larger supply of meat for a lower price per pound.  Seize the moment, buy and divide into smaller servings before you freeze it. 

9) It’s great what good buys you can get at the $ stores now, especially on paper products that are quality products. Know what is available at the $ store and make one trip there for all the things you didn’t buy at the grocery store. You will save a lot of money too. 

These are just a few thoughts on the subject.  Send in your ideas to our website, http://www.ldsjunction.com  and let us know ways you save at the grocery store. Check back later for more articles on this critical subject as it applies to Spending Wisely.

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