Good budgeting tips for an upcoming wedding?

Question by SensualX: Good budgeting tips for an upcoming wedding?
My fiancee and I had our first date on Sunday October 10th, 2004 so we always celebrate our anniversary as 10/10. He proposed to me on 10/10/08 on our four year anniversary and so I really have my heart set on getting married on Sunday October 10th, 2010. 10/10/10 is a very special date to us. However, we are worried we won’t be able to have as nice of a wedding as we’d really like since there are budget restrictions at this time in our lives. We are only 23, we are trying to pay for him to get through college and we both work full time but we don’t make a lot. I have a new car payment I’m paying off until May of ’11 and we’re trying to move out together. In this economy, our families aren’t able to help much, so we’ll have to absorb almost all of the wedding costs. My fiancee will have a career in international business within a couple of years making a lot more money, so we considered maybe a small wedding loan for the meantime which would easily be paid off in the near future. Of course there’s obvious downsides to this option, I’m aware, but saving up any respectable amount of money toward the wedding is proving very difficult for us. And of course there is the option of waiting to get married, but then we would miss out on our special date and our grandparents are getting old, and well, I’d like them all to be there. What are some good budgeting tips for a formal wedding of about 100 or less guests??

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Answer by teresathegreat
You’re right – in this economy, with your current obligations, you will NOT be able to afford the wedding you want on your own. So you have a tough choice – postpone until you can afford it, or downsize the wedding.

The economy is uncertain, and you won’t know what sort of jobs will be available to your husband when he graduates, so it’s unwise to bet on a horse isn’t in the race yet, so to speak. If you do get a loan, assume a worst-case scenario – assume the economy has not improved, your husband cannot find the high-paying job he is training for, and that you are both working the same sort of jobs you have now (or would have now if you weren’t students). Budget your expenses, and see how much you’d be able to save out of that to repay the wedding loan.

I seriously doubt you’ll be able to afford a “formal” wedding. You should consider a more reasonable DIY (do it yourself) wedding – a simple white dress can be just as lovely as a full ball gown, a nice suit is as handsome as a tux, your guests will be happy with cheese and crackers from Costco instead of caviar. (buying a set amount of alcohol from Costco is a lot cheaper than paying for other people’s indulgences at an open bar.) Keep your expectations in line with your current lifestyle.

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Cut wedding budget with DIY wedding flowers

Cut wedding budget with DIY wedding flowers
Budgeting Tips
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The joys of preparing for a wedding can be stressful and sometimes a little frustrating at times. However, there is an area the bride wants to be sure she has covered and that is looking great in her dress. To make sure the gown fits perfectly the bride may have to go on a health crash diet. It is not unusual for some brides a couple of weeks prior to their wedding to go on a crash diet but one that boast healthy techniques that are not counterproductive.


Okay, so you are getting married, it is a day that every bride dreams of when she is a little girl. With that thought come feelings of wanting to look like a princess because it is your day and all eyes will be on you. The thing that always becomes an issue is looking great and fitting into the wedding dress and being comfortable to move around for the duration.


Perhaps you want to shed a few pounds and you have tried diets before only to gain the weight back. One reason is because unrealistic diets don’t work. You have heard of some of them, the no carb low fat diets or the liquid and starvation diets. One thing is sure if you are a bride to be, you don’t have time to waste on something that isn’t going to work. It is a good idea to start perhaps a month or two before to try to trim a few pounds here and there. But if time runs out, or you are only reading this two weeks before your wedding, it’s okay. You can still try to drop those pounds by doing a healthy crash diet.


With the wedding day drawing near, two weeks doesn’t seem like much time for a diet, but here is good news, there is a system where you can experience big results. You can lose body fat and inches and keep it off to look like a slimmer, beautiful, glowing bride.


These are some of what you can expect with this system: 

Experience big results in a short space of time

Lose 10 to 14 pounds in two weeks

You can lose pounds of pure body fat a week

In 2 weeks you can look and feel better

Lose inches around your waist

With this diet plan you get to eat more and lose more

You get to eat the right calories and the correct amount of food


Too many things to do before the wedding and so little time to do them, and now something else has been added to your list; losing weight and fitting into your dress, but it is a necessary addition if you want to be that slim, beautiful looking bride.


In the mean time, instead of eating 3 big meals, eat 6 smaller portions, drink lots of water and have more healthy deserts ….like fruit. I know this may be a little difficult to do, but until your big day you may have to stay from some things like chocolate, ice-cream, and oh yes cake. You are trying to lose weight not gain! 


Try to stay away from eating the wrong foods?

Try to not eat during the wrong times of the day, like midnight. 

You know those empty calories you like to eat while watching your favorite TV Show? …Try to stay away. Remember how you want to look on your big day.

I know you do not like to exercise, but you need to.


If you put away the “bad habits” and try to incorporate a healthier lifestyle it would definitely show on your big day.

Wedding Diet and Exercise Plan

Wedding Diet and Exercise Plan

A wedding diet should consist of complex carbohydrates, high quality protein and essential fatty acids. All of these three macro nutrients work together to make a wedding diet work.

Complex carbohydrates

Whole wheat (bread, pasta, bagel etc)
Sweet potato (yams)
Brown rice
Green leafy vegetables

High Quality Proteins

Whey protein shakes
Fish (tilapia, snapper, tuna etc.)
Lean Red Meat

Essential Fatty Acids (good fats)

Egg Yolk
Fish Oil
Olive Oil

There are a couple of thing you should avoid for a wedding diet. Try to avoid simple sugars or simple carbohydrates. Some examples are fruit juices, energy drinks, candy, cakes, cookies etc.

I will emphasize that you should stay away from energy drinks and sport drinks. Most of them are filled with sugar and or artificial sweeteners. Some studies have proven that artificial sweeteners like aspartame can not be digested by body properly. Stick with plain regular water.

Strip the fat is a program that comes with a diet generator that will make a diet plan for your wedding to the exact food that you want to eat.  It is a very helpful program that I use and that i recommend to all my clients. Your nutrition is far more important than the exercise plan. With a wedding diet and a exercise plan in order you will see results much much quicker and faster.

A exercise plan should be intense and short. Maximum of 45 minutes. Most exercise should be compound and elicit maximum calorie expendeture.

Compound Exercises

Presses (bench, overhead)
Dead lift
Push ups
Bur pees


I made a workout plan page so you can watch a video demonstrations on the following exercises.


I’ve helped countless men and women achieve their fitness goals. On all of them I applied Turbulence Training style workout and Kettle Bell training in order to achieve their goals.


Along with exercise I also worked on their nutrition to strip the fat off their body.


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Planning A Wedding On A Budget – Wedding Budgeting Tips For You

Planning A Wedding On A Budget – Wedding Budgeting Tips For You

Planning a wedding on a budget, by far is the easiest things, if you have some presence of mind and responsibility towards your well earned money. Wedding is certain an expensive event, even like buying your home. If you do not plan properly, you are likely to confront a lifetime disaster after wedding, and things can become sour. Therefore a wedding planning guide is necessary.

Of course wedding planning guides, both in the form of books and counseling agents are available in the virtual world, as well as in your neighborhood. Therefore realize this budget planning is an important exercise, as important as choosing your bride. You can access more free wedding planning tips for free at

Consider the following seven wedding budgeting tips, before you plan out your wedding.

Make sure you have a set budget. Include in this budget, who is going to meet which expenses. Take into account the money at your disposal from your family, earmarked for the wedding, as well as the amount you can spend. This will be your estimate for the budget, which you should stick to. Paying by credit card is a better option, for your services and purchases. This will protect you from any possible closure of the company before your goods are delivered, as credit cards do have policies to ensure you get your money back. Planning a wedding on a Budget should be handled with care since you have to spend lots of money for a number of things. List out services and good, prioritize spending on each item on the list, decide which one is important for you, and go for them immediately. First important things should be bought, and if there are some little things which can be ignored which you may not be able to afford, ignore them. First important things should be in place, remember your wedding is a special day for you. There are a number of professional service providers you have to hire, like a videographer, photographer, or a DJ, from whom you should get written estimates. Make sure the bills you receive are according to the estimates, and don’t go beyond. With a lot of facilities like special wedding loans, easy swiping of credit cards, you can easily pile up lots of debts for your wedding. This is bad way to start a married life. Therefore stick to money you have on hand, and cut down on things not needed, to avoid a wedding debt. Planning a wedding budget requires a lot of forethought. If you don’t know how to execute this, then go to and learn more. Each guest that attends your wedding means expenses to you – his food, drinks, favors, cutlery etc. So, have the guest list sized up. This is a great way to save money. Try to pay for the wedding yourself, though your parents or family people can extend a helping hand. When you are paying for your wedding you can have the authority to say no for some things.

Paying for the wedding on your own insures, despite offers from family members that you are in control and you can say no to unwanted advice as well.

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