fig tapenade with walnut cracker

fig tapenade with walnut cracker
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Image by elana’s pantry
Spring, glorious spring. Even if it’s a taste, or just a tease, how it does brighten one’s outlook! In celebration of this beautiful weather I made a raw recipe that was unusual, yet delicious. I think this gluten-free fig and olive tapenade recipe would make a fantastic hors d’eoeuvre for a dinner or cocktail party and goes nicely with these walnut crackers.

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Best Vegetarian Recipes l Lentil Walnut Veggie Burgers

How to make Lentil Walnut Veggie Burgers Video. Veggie Burgers are a nutritional alternative to beef burgers. Many people don’t think of making their own veggie burgers but they are really easy to make at home. Store bought veggie burgers are nutritional but often very high in sodium and preservatives. You can substitute the eggs in this recipe with “flax eggs” which are a mix of 6 tbsp ground flax to 2 tbsp boiling water. The milk in this recipe can be substituted with either soya milk or rice milk. This makes the recipe completely vegan! Lentils are high in fiber which makes them a good protector against bowel cancer. I recommend organic, low sodium lentils if you are buying canned. They are an excellent source of protein and are an important source of B vitamins, especially B3, which is essential for both a healthy nervous system and digestive system. They are high in iron, zinc and calcium and are a good replacement for red meat. Like meat, the iron in lentils is better absorbed when they are eaten with a good source of vitamin C like leafy green vegetables. Walnuts are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, a special type of fat that is essential for our bodies, but that the body cannot produce. (Re omega 3 see also ) Walnuts are also a very good source of monounsaturated fats. Walnuts contain many powerful antioxidants, including ellagic and gallic acids, pus antioxidant phenols and vitamin E. The minerals copper and manganese are also
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Whole Wheat Cranberry Walnut Raisin Sourdough

Whole Wheat Cranberry Walnut Raisin Sourdough
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Image by Sifu Renka
My own combination using a whole wheat fruit & nut bread recipe from DOUGH. This is the second bread I’ve made "from" this book. I added a starter I made around a week ago… I’ve named it George.

The taste? I think I’ll add a bit more dried fruit in next time as the addition of 1.5 cups of George seemed to have decreased the fruit and nut ratio vs. the bread. However I did detect a faint sour flavour, which was very nice. The whole wheat part of it all made me feel healthy eating it. Nice crust:innards ratio once again. 🙂

Banana Oatmeal Walnut Breakfast Cookies

Banana Oatmeal Walnut Breakfast Cookies
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Image by Sifu Renka
Those who follow this photo stream (or at least the "From Renée’s Kitchen" set) would probably conclude that I’m obsessed with 3 things:

Large muffin tops
Banana bread

How true it is as this past week I baked another 3 loaves (no, I *only* ate half of those myself – I gave 2 loaves away) and one whole batch of banana oatmeal walnut breakfast "cookies." After surprising D with a loaf (she’s been having a craving apparently due to all the posts I’ve put up of this sweet baked good), she reminded me of how good it is with the addition of toasted oats. The next batch I made for myself, I took that idea, but wanted to incorporate more of the sweet taste from the caramelized exposed surface, so I baked them flat (muffin amount) on a baking sheet (like cookies). Essentially I made muffin tops (but used silpats on baking sheets instead of my muffin top pan) but a lot flatter. They’re perfect first thing in the morning with a large cup of soymilk tea after a short "toast" in my toaster oven. 🙂

Erin Baker’s Breakfast Cookies, Banana Walnut, 3-Ounce Individually Wrapped Cookies (Pack of 12)

Erin Baker’s Breakfast Cookies, Banana Walnut, 3-Ounce Individually Wrapped Cookies (Pack of 12)

  • 19g of Whole Grains per serving, made with real Walnuts and Bananas
  • Baked fresh in our own bakery, using the finest ingredients
  • All Natural, packed with protein, antioxidants, fiber and complex carbohydrates- satisfies hunger for hours
  • A healthy and delicious way to start your day- Try them Toasted!
  • May be frozen to maintain freshness

We create wholesome and delicious all natural baked goods that sustain and promote a healthy and harmonious lifestyle At Erin Bakers we are passionate about baking the healthy way. Hand crafted in our own bakery and using only the freshest wholesome ingredients we are able to create all natural products of exceptional quality. Everything we make is baked to order ensuring homemade freshness and great taste, perfect for life on the go. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, what better way to enjoy it than with Erin Baker’s? Founded in 1994 by Erin Baker, Erin Baker’s Wholesome Baked Goods continues to thrive as a woman owned and operated business located in Bellingham, Washington.

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