von’s choices

von’s choices
Easy Healthy Meals
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of food are less than ideal, i have no idea how he stays so thin. he does not exercise and puts piles of awful food into his body. the only thing on his plate that i would ever touch are the pea pods and broccoli, maybe the french fries on a weird day. i’ve been eating so much healthier and i feel better physically. i watch him eat and it amazes me.
a lot of people i know don’t like von because he is too honest for them but that is what i like the most about him. we are kindred spirits, i crack him up at lunch today and vice versa.

he says, "how are you doing, maureen…?" with a worried look on his face
i say, "i am doing so much better than last semester, last semester was completely awful."
and any of my other friends would have said, "yeah, it was hard." or "it’s good to hear you’re doing better" or some nice but typical shit like that, instead von replies,
"yes, you were a complete fucking trainwreck. maybe the worst heartbreak i’ve ever seen, you were really fucked up. "as seriously as can be

and a lot of people wouldn’t like to hear that
but i did because it helped me see how far i’ve come
and on the harder days out of the good ones that i seem to have almost all of the time now are that much easier even, because compared to before they are nothing at all.
he is so funny and i love being around him, he is always changing physically and mentally and he is stressed out with school and i am in a better place, enough so that i can give him advice for once.

he is the greatest.