Health and Wellness Vintage Film: Good Eating Habits DVD

Health and Wellness Vintage Film: Good Eating Habits DVD

  • Title: Good Eating Habits
  • Year: 1951
  • Run Time: 9 Minutes
  • Audio/Visual: Sound, Black & White

This educational film about nutrition opens with youngster Bill sitting down to dinner but not being able to eat because he feels ill. His mother puts him to bed and we see through a food-based nightmare and flashbacks of the day how Bill got himself into this mess. One of many fine examples of gluttony, in the morning he wolfed down his breakfast because he was late for school. Then, he inhaled his lunch at school and afterwards bought junk food to eat with the rest of the week’s lunch money. The result is the consequences of bad eating that we saw before. The next day, a reformed Bill sits down to a comically diminished breakfast, with bacon cut up into tiny bits, and juice taken only in tiny sips. Eating a balanced diet is important, as well as knowing nutritional facts. This does the trick, and Bill feels so much better he can go fly kites. This film reveals the way otherwise healthy and well-fed people eat poorly and end up malnourished. This cautionary tale is a good healthy eating guide and an interesting examination of the way dietary nutritional information as thought of in the 1950’s.

List Price: $ 7.99

Price: $ 4.99


bodybuilding exercises
Image by aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR

next few pics are of my skin.

Some friends/contacts did not share my belief that all bodies are beautiful
[not mad, just stating, ok =]
So, I decided to alert some of you before going into the P90X set & upcoming pics.
Hopefully, no one will get offended & remove me from their friends list =\

Decided not to crop my photo because
it is not done for sexual or vanity’s sake,
rather for my motivation.
Even if I once believed I would probably never wear them,
I bought them because I liked the bell bottoms like detaiL and red stitching.

You see, I’m very proud of my little steps of accomplishments and there are some friends/contacts that are a part of my journey to fitness.
Honestly, the more I’ll lose the weight & tone uP, the more you’ll prolly see body shots. has toned women who’ve given birth to at least two kids & twice my age in bikinis!
I want to get to their level of FIT.
The more I discover the dedication of bodybuilders is,
the more I am in awe of their discipline.