Have I posted a pic of my vapo (e-cig) yet?

Have I posted a pic of my vapo (e-cig) yet?
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Image by insidious_plots
The lighter is just there for scale reference, btw.

So, there’s my case. On the right is my usual – a version of the Joye
eGo. You’ll notice it nicely matches the case 🙂 This is a usb
passthrough model, so, I never really re-charge the battery – you plug
it into a usb cable and can keep vaping, plus it regulates the voltage
so it’s even a different experience, so, it’s like 2 devices in one.
This is what I use most – it has a 2 ohm cartomizer in it with
unflavored 100% VG liquid I make myself, about 12mg of nicotine, which
is what I prefer as my "all day vape".
Btw, we even have usb cables all over the house (our phone chargers
and such, plus one or two bought just for plugged-in vaping) and it
seems most things have usb ports now (both the ps3 in the living room
and the ps2 in her room do) so it’s so much easier than dealing with a
specific-use battery charging unit.

To the left of that is a Joye auto 510, no button to press, you just
inhale. It has a matching black 3 ohm cartomizer on it and I usually
have something sweet in it like bubble gum or cotton candy and it’s
often clenched between my teeth while I’m cooking or whatever. The
battery doesn’t last a long as the big eGo and the vapor production
isn’t as impressive, but I still love it for certain times.
It is usually broken down into its two parts (battery, cartomizer with
mouthpiece) and inside the case.

And, standing, is the vaporizer I started on, given to me by a friend.
It is an eGo, not the passthrough variety, so it lasts 4-6 hours if I
use it constantly and then has to charge. I mostly use it for direct
dripping after meals or with coffee for more throat hit, richer
flavor, etc. so it can go days without needing to charge it. I call
it "my alter eGo". It, too, is usually inside the case. In this pic,
it has a metal "drip tip" on it, with a 510 atomizer inside the cone

Also inside the case is an extra part or two, a couple little 3ml
bottles of liquid, and a couple clip-on magnets that attach to the
battery so I can just stick it to anything around me that’s metal.
When I break down the other two vapos, all I walk out of the house
with is my black usb eGo and the case. Theoretically, I’d be set for
days if need be or be able to let someone try one since it usually has
two complete vaporizers in it.

I haven’t smoked in what must be almost three months now after 20+
years of smoking. I haven’t intentionally quit, but vaping has been
so satisfying I just still haven’t gotten around to ordering more
smokes. (For years I have only smoked kreteks (clove cigarettes),
shipped to me from Indonesia as I can’t stand the made-for-Americans
variety and they’re illegal now anyway, thanks to Obama.)
I do like that I don’t cough anymore or wake up with that tight-chest
feeling, I have a much more heightened sense of taste and smell, I can
vape indoors as the vapor dissapates rapidly and doesn’t settle into
anything. It is much more convenient, much MUCH healthier, and the
whole thing costs much less than buying cigarettes did.

So, nothing but good has come from being introduced to this.

Let me throw in a warning.
If you want to try vaping, DO NOT buy the ones at the mall or
wherever. They are the cheapest models available sold at the highest
price possible. This warning also applies to Blu and most of the other popularly-advertised on the web and such brands.
An eGo battery costs -, for a 5-pack of cartomizers, and
of liquid will last a new "vaper" weeks. The hardware will last you
months. The eGo isn’t necessarily the best one to start on – I’m just
giving an example.
If you want to find useful, reliable information, start by doing some
reading at e-cigarette-forum.com and (not or!) feel free to
contact me. All my contact info is on my site, listed below.

(sent from my Verizon HTC Ozone)