Vanilla Slice – Just Fine Food

Vanilla Slice – Just Fine Food
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Vanilla Slice – Just Fine Food AUD7

Raymond was complaining that he only got a quarter of a strawberry for 😛

We had lunch at Just Fine Food, just to try the vanilla slice, which was pretty good, but the vanilla flavour wasn’t as strong as I’d liked and the custard seemed to be too starchy, and less eggy and creamy. Still pretty good though. While we were there, about an hour, we saw 2 and a half trays sold. Each tray had 48 slices! Amazing.

Just Fine Food Delicatessen
23 Ocean Beach Rd Sorrento 3943
(03) 5984 4666
Just Fine Food – Mietta’s
Just Fine Food / Coasting Along, The Age November 22, 2003

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What is a delicious low calorie/low fat vanilla frosting recipe?

Question by emmy: What is a delicious low calorie/low fat vanilla frosting recipe?
I am baking a cake for a birthday tomorrow. I am just using what we have in the pantry, Devil’s Food chocolate cake mix, unless I find something “healthier” while shopping. Are there any vanilla frosting mixes premade on the shelves that are low calorie and low fat? And if not, do you have a really good recipe for one? (if so, please list nutrition information along with it) Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by jeannette p
You can try a low fat cream cheese frosting by using fat free cream cheese instead of the other stuff. The powdered sugar is going to add the calories but not the fat! And use lowfat milk to thin the mixture. You might also consider a “glaze” instead, since it goes on thin and drips down the sides of the cake. Or, you might want to simply make a very scrumptious cake and cut smaller slices!

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Homemade Banana Pudding Recipe with Homemade Vanilla Wafers

Thanks to this video recipe, you can add a banana pudding recipe to your list of healthy eating ideas for dessert. In this video tutorial, Anne from shows you how to make a healthier banana pudding. Plus, this cooking video shows you how to make your own vanilla wafers. Anne says, “This sweet treat is one of the greatest uses for overripe bananas in the recipe box. It uses much less sugar than a traditional pudding since the bananas themselves are very sweet. I’ve also included an easy to make copycat recipe for gluten free vanilla wafers since they can sometimes be hard to find.” Go to for the full instructions list and step-by-step instructions for this gluten free dessert recipe.
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Lynn’s Recipes Cooking Tip #3 — Homemade French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

A homemade coffee creamer that has none of the undesirable ingredients that a store bought coffee creamer might contain. Uses very few ingredients and is super easy to make. From Pinterest. Homemade French Vanilla Coffee Creamer 14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk (can use fat free or regular) 14 ounces milk (skim, low fat or whole milk) 2 teaspoons vanilla extract A mason jar (quart is the perfect size) to mix Pour all ingredients into a mason jar. Screw lid on tightly and shake vigorously for a few minutes until well combined. You may need to stir a little to help the condensed milk get all mixed in and then shake. Store in the refrigerator.
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Vanilla sugar!

Vanilla sugar!
Low Fat Cooking
Image by ttstam
Instead of extracting the flavor of the pods into the milk, we are going to make vanilla sugar. The pods are cut up into 10 cm (4 inch) segments, then mixed into sugar (I used granulated, organic cane sugar). Then, just let time do its magic.

You can make home-made vanilla extract this way too – just toss the pods into a bottle and follow with a couple shots of vodka.

PCC sells vanilla pods at 89c each. You can get a bottle of good Polish vodka (Chopin, Belevedere) for .00. The same might get you a bottle of good vanilla bourbon at a grocery store, but you’re paying through the nose there.

A couple shots of vodka for the extract, and the rest can be saved for personal consumption 🙂 Plus you know that quality ingredients, instead of grain alcohol so bad that they couldn’t feed to winos, went into the final product, and nothing went to waste.

Nutrament Energy and Fitness Drink, Vanilla, 12 Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

Nutrament Energy and Fitness Drink, Vanilla, 12 Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

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Artificially flavored. Full meal/energy source. Contains 24 essential vitamins & minerals. Milk shake taste! Nutrament is nutrition. Each delicious serving of Nutrament is an excellent source of protein and provides the vitamins and minerals of a nutritionally balanced meal. Nutrament keeps you going strong. Drink Nutrament anytime for: energy source, delicious refresher or snack, fitness and weight control, well-balanced meal replacement, extra nutrition.

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Nature’s Plus Spiru-Tein High Protein Energy Meal, Vanilla 2.4 Pounds

Nature’s Plus Spiru-Tein High Protein Energy Meal, Vanilla 2.4 Pounds

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The Energy Supplements®
Soy Protein Powder with Spirulina ~ Vanilla
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Vegetarian, Yeast-Free Product

Typical Amino Acid Profile Per Serving
Amino Acid % Total Protein mg
Isoleucine 4.3 602
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Leucine 8.2 1148
Arginine 7.5 1050
Lysine 6.3 882
Aspartic Acid 11.6 1624
Methionine 1.3 182
Serine 5.2 728
Cysteine 1.3 182
Glutamic Acid 19.1 2674
Threonine 3.8 532
Proline 5.1 714
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Mason Vitamins Healthy Kids Vitamin D3 A Tasty Chewable Vanilla Flavor, 60-Count, (Pack of 3)

Mason Vitamins Healthy Kids Vitamin D3 A Tasty Chewable Vanilla Flavor, 60-Count, (Pack of 3)

  • Vitamin D “The Sunshine Vitamins”
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Mason vitamins d3 for kids has a yummy flavor! it’s a tasty vanilla flavor that is easy to chew. the pediatricians group now recommends 400 iu of vitamin d daily for children. not all children like to drink milk. this is an easy solution , to make sure they get their daily recommended dose. why d3? vitamin d comes in two different formulations. vitamin d2, also called ergocalciferol;and d3, also called cholecalciferol. d2(synthesized by plants) is a far inferior form of vitamin d that does not get absorbed into the human body well. this is a phenomenon called bioavailability, or in this case simply vitamin d absorption. d3 is synthesized by humans and is a more potent form. more importantly, it is better absorbed by the human body.

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