Vegetarians created The UFC, MMA, BJJ, Ultimate FIghting Fighters Diet & lived to nearly 100 years old – No Lowcarb Atkins Meat Paleo unfit for humans – 6

Vegetarians created The UFC, MMA, BJJ, Ultimate FIghting Fighters Diet & lived to nearly 100 years old – No Lowcarb Atkins Meat Paleo unfit for humans – 6
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The UFC was created by Rorion Gracie of the Gracie Family, a vegetarian.

In fact, a vegetarian created the entire Octagon, the idea of fighting in an 8-sided cage, and MMA as we know it in the UFC today were all created by a Vegetarian, the ultimate fighter.

This is why vegetarians are dominating the UFC. In fact, a pesca vegetarian, Royce Gracie, won the very 1st UFC. And he won the 2nd one too. Vegetarian diets have proven superior for athletes, including ones where you need to be the toughest, strongest, muscular contender with incredible cardio and endurance that won’t quit. Plant diets do this.

Witness the fact that endurance athletes don’t go out and eat a 5 pound steak before running an ironman triathlon or a marathon. You’d feel sleepy, feel weighed down, lose the race, and after a pitiful distance of running, you’d throw it up. On the other hand, what do elite athletes do before a race? Eat carbs! And an apple or fruit. And they are fit, thin, and strong. This confirms plant diets yield fantastic stamina, endurance, muscle firing strength, and energy. Lowcarb high meat high fat diets are now considered a debunked fad myth. It turns out in actual studies Meat is the worst diet for athletes. But many people who are not so educated in science don’t know this and laughingly still believe the lowcarb fad diets, or even worse, the paleo diet, which has been found to be a scam. (Many believe that the Paleo Diet told to them in the books is what caveman actually ate, it’s not true. For example, Cavemen drank untreated water. Like from a stagnant pond, or drank out of a mud puddle outside, or from a stream that may have bacteria in it. The Paleo Diet books don’t tell you this. What this means, is that The Paleo Diet in the books is NOT the same thing as what Cavemen actually ate. Yet you’ll see many under-educated people raving and insisting that The Paleo Diet is ‘the best because it’s what all our ancestors ate’. No it’s not. The funniest example is when you ask a Paleo Dieter or Crossfit ballerina what they eat and they say steak because it’s paleo, and then they find out Beef isn’t Paleo. Beef cattle were genetically bred. And only arose 2,800 years ago. So Beef isn’t paleo. Sorry, but if you are paleo, you can’t eat steak. Beef isn’t paleo. Cavemen didn’t have it and didn’t eat it. So if you thought beef and steak were ‘paleo’ and you’ve been eating it, guess what, if you thought you were paleo, this entire time you’re not. This is yet another example of how the paleo diet books and paleo fad is non-scientific, and was found to be a scam. Most paleo dieters are simply easily duped by what’s called ‘pseudo-science’. It’s when a diet scammer concocts a bunch of ‘scientific-looking’ things, articles, etc which appear to be all scientific but they are all containing flaws. But since those on the Paleo Diet are often not as smart, they don’t know it. In fact, the opposite is true and they’ll rave and insist that they are the ones who have the ‘real’ science. Until you start pointing out that beef isn’t paleo and they’ve been eating it, which stuns them, and now they can’t drink treated water out of the tap in their own house nor bottled water, cavemen didn’t do that, they need to drink untreated bacterial water from a watering hole that just had animals pooping in it, that’s what Grok did. And there were no refrigerators 20,000 years ago in Africa, so guess what, you can’t put your meat in the refrigerator, you have to let it sit outside. And a paleo diet probably contains maggots, so anyone saying they are paleo will need to eat some maggots. You can’t brush your teeth, cavemen didn’t have toothbrushes and salival mouth bacteria is where the diet and digestion starts. Oops…horrible bad-breath, body odor, rotten lukewarm meat with parasites and botfly maggots is now revealed as what cavemen really ate, so this is what your man is going to be doing, ladies, if he is bragging about the paleo diet. Oh, and ladies, grokette didn’t shave her armpits, use mouthwash, and ate tapeworms, offal organs, and probably had a bit of feces in it, so be sure to dunk your food in the toilet first to be sure you get all the things paleo man ate into your diet. Paleo still sounding good? But we haven’t even gotten started about meat now found linked to anus and rectal cancer yet.

In any case, as you see, one of the toughest men on Earth, the man who is responsible for one of the manliest athletic sports on earth, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is a Vegetarian, because vegetarians tested to have more testosterone, higher IQ, and more endurance and muscular stamina. Plant-based diets generate higher quality denser packed muscle. Meat-based muscle is flabbier and lower quality. Just look at meat-eaters, like a lion, lions are felines, they’re feminine, their muscle is all smooth and lanky, not defined, and they grow tired and sleep all day. Cats sleep nearly 22 hours a day. They get exhausted easily and fall asleep. Also in lions, the male doesn’t even do most of the hunting. The female lions do it. The male sits around panting in the heat. Now look in contrast to the muscle definition of a vegetarian, like a horse, you can even see the muscles rippling on the body of a horse. And if you think a horse isn’t muscular and powerful, you shall now be reminded that it’s the very definition of it. Even your car’s engine is rated in "Horse Power", showing that its the strength of a vegetarian that is used as the very definition of how powerful something is. Now think how silly it would sound measuring your car’s engine in "lionpowers".

As far as masculinity and manliness, there is nothing greater than the ALPHA MALE. Know where that phrase came from? A Silverback Gorilla. Guess what. Gorillas are vegetarian. Vegan in fact. Gorillas weigh upwards of 400 to 800 pounds, dwarfing any human man, and literally rippling with powerful muscle. If you still falsely believe that you can’t get ‘protein’ or somehow you need meat to grow muscle, go up to a Gorilla and instigate it. Tell it that if it eats plants it’s sickly, weak, wimpy, has no muscle, and can’t ever get any protein by eating plants and fruit and poke it. When it gets done flapping you around like a girl’s rag doll and then after you get out of the hospital, you’ll now be more educated on the subject. Oh, and sorry ‘4 stomachs’ arguers, Gorillas only have 1 stomach, they’re like us. We’re like them. Our DNA is nearly 98% the same. Sorry, but plants contain higher quality protein and generate bigger, stronger denser muscle cells.

The strongest land animal on earth is a vegetarian: The Elephant. 20-thousand pounds. Where did it get its protein? Elephants don’t eat meat. And have 1 stomach. Like us. Same as the gorilla, a primate. Like us. Tallest animal on earth is a vegetarian: Giraffe. The biggest dinoaurs to ever roam the earth were the plant-eating ones. If you still believe you can’t get protein from plants when you have plant-eaters with huge muscles reaching everywhere from 800 pounds, to 20,000 pounds and even reaching 100 tons, you must not be smarter than a meat-eater. If you still believe that steak has protein and not plants, and you have to eat meat to get protein, then where did all that protein you think is in the steak come from? Cows don’t eat meat. It all came from original plants. In other words, a vegetarian is eating the fresher, more original proteins. A meat-eater is merely taking the same protein and putting it into the mouth of another animal first. A meat-eater’s protein has been chewed and inside an animal’s mouth. In other words, a man eating steak, a meat-eater, is simply getting a vegetarian man’s "sloppy seconds". The vegetarian is getting the better quality, freshest, proteins. The original.

Indeed this is why a vegetarian invented the UFC. A vegetarian invented Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu, BJJ, and Mixed Martial Arts as we see it in the UFC today.