Water Marble on SHORT NAILS – Blue, Brown & White Nail Art Tutorial

Check out the blog post here: mysimplelittlepleasures.blogspot.com Nail polish used: Nubar Swiss Chocolate BB Couture Adios Mo Fo Sally Hansen White On You can see more of my mom’s manicures here: mysimplelittlepleasures.blogspot.com Tips & Tricks Playlist (taping tutorial, how to clean-up & more): www.youtube.com Water Marble Tutorials Playlist: www.youtube.com Nail Art Tutorials Playlist: www.youtube.com You can check out the My Simple Little Pleasures Facebook page here: www.facebook.com
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Tutorial :Low Carb Sample Menus (John Harun Mwau , Harun Mwau)

Tutorial :Low Carb Sample Menus (John Harun Mwau , Harun Mwau) www.facebook.com Low Carb Sample Menus Breakfast • Hot Peanut Butter Flax Cereal • 1/4 cup fresh or thawed frozen blueberries on cereal Lunch • Salad made with 4 cups chopped romaine or other dark green lettuce (ie not iceberg), half an avocado, and 4 oz cooked chicken meat, with Vinaigrette dressing such as Sweet and Sour Lime Dressing Snack • 1/4 cup whole almonds Dinner • Grilled or Pan-fried Steak (5 oz raw) • 1 cup green beans, prepared as you like them • 1 cup Mushroom and Peppers with Wine and Herbs Nutritional Analysis: Total 26 grams effective carbohydrate plus 32 grams fiber. For Atkins Induction, leave off the Mushrooms and Pepper dish at dinner, and the total carb is slightly less than 20 grams of carb plus 29 grams fiber. Menu also contains 95 grams of protein and about 1500 calories. Note: Calories can be varied by adding and subtracting protein and fat, or, if your particular carbohydrate needs vary from this, by changing amounts of carbohydrate foods. All menus have essentially all essential vitamins and minerals except for calcium and Vitamin D. “Essentially” means that one particular vitamin might be a bit under one day or another. For the most part, these menus far exceed the minimum requirements. In menus where lower carb options are presented, my analysis of the nutrients other than carbs does not include this option. Breakfast • 3 eggs with ½ cup cooked spinach and 1 cup sliced raw
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Tutorial: 5 Simple Tips for Healthy, Flawless Skin

These are 5 of my tips (in no particular order) to help you achieve healthy, clear skin and prevent breakouts. This will not help you cure acne or other more serious skin problems, but they are just general tips for healthy skin 🙂 1. Diet – cut back on greasy/fried and spicy foods. Try to eat more nutritious foods with vitamins A, B, C, and E. 2. Water – drink lots of water to help your body naturally cleanse. 3. Sleep – get a decent amount of sleep regularly to help your body heal and fight off germs. 4. Contact – take preventative actions to minimize contact between your face and anything that is dirty or can carry bacteria. Wash your face regularly. 5. Moisturize – to maintain your skin’s natural balance of oils and moisture…otherwise your skin will go on overdrive producing oil and can cause breakouts! By the way, just to clarify…when I mention “diet” in this video, it refers to what you eat on a regular basis (not as in “go on a diet”). Thanks for watching! Twitter: www.twitter.com Blog: missericasblog.blogspot.com Contact me: missericaonline @ gmail.com


bit.ly Article Builder tutorial video. Where to buy Jon Leger’s NEW Article Builder Software: bit.ly What kind of content does Article Builder produce? Excellent question! Article Builder produces high quality articles built around the topics and keywords that you give it. It’s different from the old-style Private Label Rights (PLR) articles, though. The old PLR gives every member the EXACT SAME ARTICLES. Even if they are high quality, they’re not different at all! That’s not good for ranking in the search engines — even if you’re only using the articles to build backlinks to your site. Article Builder is different. Each article is built by weaving together snippets to build an article based on your category and subtopic choices. Since we have tens of thousands of categorized snippets in the database, every time you generate an article, it’s different! But what do we mean by “high quality”? Here’s a sample article generated from the keywords and subtopics shown in the video demo above (the category was “weight loss”, the subtopics “exercise” and “nutrition”). It gives you a good idea of what you’ll be getting: “Get To Your Goal Weight And Stay There Weight loss is a confusing topic. There are so many different people and articles telling you so many different things, it can be quite difficult to wrap your head around them all. This article will aim to lay down the essential and necessary basics of weight loss in hopes to clear the fog that surround it. Exercise An easy

Asian Salad Dressing….. Put it on everything!!! Healthy Cooking Tutorial BenjiManTV

Asian Style Salad Dressing This is a healthy salad dressing that still taste AWESOME!!! People that have tasted it swear they start liking vegetables because of it. Try it. You can use this as a marinade if you want as well. Ingredients Sugar- 1 Table Spoon Rice Vinegar- Half a Cup Red Chili Flakes- 1 Tea Spoon Garlic- 1 clove (or more if you like, OH YEAH!) Ginger- Its up to you. Just put about how much I did inthe video. Soy Sauce- 1 Table Spoon Sesame Seed Oil- 1 Table Spoon Red Chili Oil- couple of drops Black Sesame Seeds- Tea Spoon (optional because its hard to find) TOASTED SESAME SEEDS- Grind up a whole bunch if you can Salt Pepper Oil- 50% of the overall amount of Dressing Check my Channel Out: BenjiManTV www.Youtube.com/benjimantv Check out Judy’s Channel www.youtube.com/itsjudytime Asian, Style, Salad, healthy, food, vegetables, easy, quick, simple, recipe, salad dressing, tips, tutorial, cooking, delicious, benjimantv, benji, itsjudytime, its judy time, judy, vegan, vegetarian, tomatoes, tomatoe, dressing, garlic, ginger, soysauce,

CookEatShare Menu Planner Tutorial

Learn how CookEatShare’s free menu planner can help you save time planning your weekly meals. Store recipes or find them on CookEatShare, add them to days in your calendar, save them in meals, print weekly menus and shopping lists, copy menus from prior weeks, and more! This functionality is only available with an expensive subscription on other sites, but it’s free on CookEatShare!

Nutrition On Page Tutorial for Meal Planning & Food Tracking

Our Online Nutrition and Meal Planning program is the perfect way to improve your diet and hit your weight goal. All menus are created by a team of registered dietitians and include a variety of foods to help you achieve a fit, well balanced life. All of our delicious and nutritious menus meet the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM’s) Acceptable Macro-nutrient Distribution Range (AMDR), as a percentage of total calories, as follows: * 45 – 65% carbohydrate * 10 – 35% protein * 20 – 35% fat Start With Your Nutritional Assessment Complete your personal profile. Answer questions about your goal weight, dietary restrictions, food preferences or dislikes and more. Based on your assessment, get a daily recommended caloric intake and breakdown of the amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats your body needs. Get a Custom Meal Plan – Fully Integrated With Your Workouts We’ll provide a personalized meal plan. And, when you combine it with your Online Training Center workouts, your caloric needs actually adjust to your specific exercise routine. Get a Specialized Meal Plan Inside our online nutrition program is a series of meal plans that address specific health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, specific eating styles like vegetarianism or you can select the plans that best match your training regime (endurance or strength-training).
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BuyCostumes Coupon Tutorial Video – CouponPal.com

This is a CouponPal.com tutorial video describing the step by step process of applying an online coupon code for the BuyCostumes website. •Buycostumes.com is the web’s most popular costume store and home to the largest online selection of Halloween products for adults, kids, and pets •In this tutorial we’ll show you how to use a BuyCostumes coupon and point out some helpful shopping tips along the way •If the coupon displayed has no coupon code required just select GO and you’ll be taken to the page that offers the discount •If you see a code displayed there will be an opportunity to enter it in the Checkout process •Today I’ll select 20% off orders over 0 and click go •When you arrive at the BuyCostumes website keep in mind that the coupon has already been applied and you can begin shopping •BuyCostumes has an incredible selection of over 15000 costumes and party supplies •They offer 110% price guarantee, which means if you find a lower price on any US website within 14 days of making a purchase they will refund the difference on your order •Once you’ve found the costume you like click on the image and select the quantity, size, and any additional accessories •I’ve added a few more products to my cart and since I’m using a 20% off coupon, the larger my order is the more money I’ll save (create some quick edited views of adding items) •Now I can select add to cart •You’ll see the list of items you’ve added to your shopping cart •Find the coupon code box and enter the
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