Special Bun Bo Hue toppings – Huong Giang AUD9

Special Bun Bo Hue toppings – Huong Giang AUD9
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The Bun Bo Hue was ok, if lacking in the lemongrassy zing. Served in the typical Southern style with extra special flourishes like pork leg and meatloaf. I’d expect the AUD8 Hue-style to be more frugal, with less toppings, just like the one we had in Hue.

I was hoping for richer, spicier soup, seeing that Bun Bo Hue was boldly included on their signage.

Great value specials at only AUD5, including combination crispy fried noodles at AUD5 per head, and crab noodles for AUD60.

Huong Giang Restaurant 香江
2 Windsor Av, Springvale, VIC, 3171, Australia
03 9546 9911

Bun Bo Hue from Huong Giang – Kham’s Blog – Posted on Wednesday, 19 January 2011 at 4:18 pm

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