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Gaining Weight for Skinny People – Are You Tired Of People Telling You That You Are Just Too Skinny?

Gaining Weight for Skinny People – Are You Tired Of People Telling You That You Are Just Too Skinny?

Proven Step-by-Step Method Will Make Anyone Gain Weight… Stop Looking Like A Beanpole And Find Out The EXACT Formula For Fast, Effective Weight Gain (no potions and no pills to take)…

Throw out your high calorie weight “gaining” shakes, powders and magical formulas… the solution to your problem is right here, right now, today!

Are you one of the millions of people that want to GAIN weight and not lose it?

Are you sick and tired of people telling you that you’re just too skinny, when you probably eat like a horse?

If so, welcome. You’ve come to the one place that understands where a skinny person comes from. Some people are just born skinny. It’s not something we’re proud of. It’s just as hard being called a stick as it is being called “fat”.

People always want what they don’t have. Curly haired people want straight hair. Brown-eyed people want blue eyes.

And, believe it or not, skinny women and skinny men want to gain weight, not loose it.

Unfortunately, all of the media these days is targeted toward people that need to lose weight. Guess what?

There ARE people out there that need to gain weight.

And I am guessing if you’re reading this then you are one of them.

Here are some important facts you probably want to know about gaining weight.

*** You need to eat at least 500 extra calories each day to gain weight, or you’ll remain as skinny as skinny can be.

*** You have to stop digging into the cookie jar, because cookies and sweets aren’t going to get you to gain weight, at least not the kind of weight you want.

*** One pound equals 3500 calories, so you’ll have to consume at least this much each week to gain a pound a week.

*** Just like it takes time to lose weight, it takes time to gain weight, but YOU won’t have to wait forever…

*** Changing what and how you drink can affect your ability to lose weight or gain weight… all you have to figure out is how to change what foods and drinks and when, and we’ll show you how!

If you are serious about your body, then I know you’ll do what is best for it.

In just a few short minutes, you can learn:

*** How often you need to eat to maintain a healthy weight and pack a few pounds on in just the right places…

*** How to calculate your calorie needs so you know exactly how many calories you should eat each day to gain weight, customized to meet your body’s needs…

*** Discover Quick-N-Easy meals that will motivate you to gain weight without all the hassle and fuss associated with complicated meal plans…

*** Find out what healthy high-fat substitutions you can make so you don’t have to rely on cookies and snicker bars to get you through the hump… Find out what foods you should eat

*** Discover the #1 secret to exercise that will help you pack on pounds rather than lose weight…

*** Find out what the “rules for working out” are so when you get to the gym or pound the pavement you don’t lose the weight you’ve worked so hard to gain…

*** Women, learn how you can gain weight without looking overly muscular and without adding jiggle to your ever step…

*** And much, much more!!

Ladies and gentlemen, you no longer have to worry about HOW your body looks, because it’s gonna look great.

Grab Your Copy And Start Gaining Weight The Right Way, In All The Right Places!

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Tired of Cup of Noodles? Here are 5 Healthy Foods to Eat for Lunch

Tired of Cup of Noodles? Here are 5 Healthy Foods to Eat for Lunch

When it comes to eating healthy at work, it’s easier said than done for most people. It’s hard enough to remember packing something substantial in the morning, especially if you haven’t had your coffee yet, but what about when you need your lunch to be healthy and tasty? For those times when Cup of Noodles just don’t cut it, here’s a list of 5 lunch items that are healthy, tasty, and all in all, simple to pack.

1) Asian Noodle Bowl- If you love pasta, but don’t want to make a production out of lunch, there are tons of options in terms of lunch items. However, not all are healthy. Look for a bowl of noodles that is made with fresh noodles that aren’t fried or dehydrated. It is also a good idea to find asian noodles that contain no MSG, artificial colors and flavorings, and has no hydrogenated oils. That means staying away from the fried (and pretty tasteless) Ramen noodles. In addition, a good Asian noodle bowl will have healthy properties, and taste like you just ordered take-out. It sounds too good to be true, but they do exist.

2) Turkey and Swiss Sandwich on Whole Wheat- This seemingly simple lunch item can be very filling and is full of good protein and carbs to keep your energy-level up all day. If you’re using a nice, hearty wheat bread, some good deli meat, and a little Romaine lettuce with a slice of ripe tomato, you can have a really nice lunch. The best part about this option is how easy it is to make. You could probably throw one in that pre-caffeine morning daze!

3) Mozzarella and Tomato Salad with Balsamic Dressing- You don’t have to like salad to love this lunch option. A traditional mozzarella and tomato salad is extremely healthy and easy to prepare. All you need is some fresh buffalo mozzarella, some ripe juicy tomatoes, some balsamic dressing, and a pinch of sea salt. Slice the cheese and tomatoes to your thickness preference, toss with a light amount of balsamic, and sprinkle on a bit of sea salt to taste.

4) Chicken Noodle Soup- The key to keeping this one healthy is sticking to a low-sodium version or one that uses natural ingredients. If you really want to ensure that you’re getting healthy and natural ingredients, you can make your own. It’s fairly simple and you can make enough to portion out for the week or use in other meals.

5) Hummus and Pita Plate- This is a really light lunch that when paired with some grapes or other fruit can get you all the nutrients you need to function at high energy levels all day. If you’d like a little more protein in with this option, you could also bring along some sliced deli meat to add to the mix.

So whether you’re interested in eating Asian and getting a nice steamed bowl of noodles, or want to go Greek with hummus and pitas, you can rest assure that the Cup of Noodles that you once relied to get you through the day can be retired.

LuckChen.com, Makers of the healthy and flavorful soft asian noodle bowls that are a great alternative to fried ramen noodles.

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Healthy Dinner Recipes You Won?T Get Tired Of

Healthy Dinner Recipes You Won?T Get Tired Of

Eating healthy need not be a glum thing for your family. With healthy dinner recipes that are also based on any type of chicken recipe, you will realize that there is a multitude of ways to make things more palatable. The great thing about a chicken recipe is that the flavor will come from your own genius without it being too complicated. Read on ahead to find out what this means exactly.

A chicken recipe as your starting point for healthy dinner recipes begins with removing the skin off it. The skin of the chicken is the fattiest part of it, and once you remove it you will save yourself loads of cholesterol. Also, for the chicken recipe to be all the more healthier, you can concentrate on the white meat which has the least amount of fat.

Most people think that a chicken recipe that only uses the white meat is boring and not flavorful. On the contrary, it is able to absorb so many different flavors from herbs. Why not try a rosemary grilled chicken that is both flavorful and healthy? Healthy dinner recipes like this will only have you marinating the chicken in olive oil, garlic, a pinch of salt and some rosemary.

After preparing the chicken for marinating, heat up your grill. Once it is nice and hot, put the chicken on the heat and grill it until it is golden brown. You may even opt to baste it with some honey and lemon to give extra oomph to the taste and bring forth a bevy of flavors. As soon as black stripes appear and the chicken is a nice brown color, put it on a plate and serve with a side dish of some healthy salad.

More healthy dinner recipes that include chicken will involve a bit of an Asian flavor. Aside from grilling it, you can also bake it! Baking is another method of cooking chicken that is healthy and flavorful at the same time. To start, simply preheat your oven and assemble some easy to find ingredients.

Baste the chicken in canola oil and chopped garlic while you prepare the marinade. The marinade is a combination of mustard and soy sauce (which brings forth the Asian flavor to this dish). Add some lemon to the mixture and pour everything to the dish. You should try using a shallow and wide dish for this recipe.

Put the entire container in the oven and cook. Measure the temperature every now and then and make sure that the chicken is nice and moist – which you do by adding some olive oil if you think it is drying up. As soon as it is cooked, remove from the oven and serve on a nice plate with some stir-fried vegetables (broccoli is nice) on the side.

Cooking healthy dinner recipes is indeed more fun when you make your dish flavorful. With a chicken recipe like this, you will surely be encouraged to whip up more gastronomic feasts in the kitchen. Your family will surely enjoy and look forward to it every night.

Look for some great healthy dinner recipes here. A healthy dinner recipes (or two) would surely do a whole lot of good for your health while letting you enjoy dinner.