Baby back ribs for memorial day, mom’s challenged me to a throw down!?

Question by answerhelp: Baby back ribs for memorial day, mom’s challenged me to a throw down!?
So my mom and I bought a bunch of pork baby back ribs on sale and my mom told me to cook half and she would cook half. My mom’s a great cook and she’s challenging me to a mother daughter throw down. I know it sounds funny, but it should be fun. I just want to win! Anyone have really unique and great baby back rib rubs, baby back rib, or barbecue recipes? Any tips involving baby back ribs and barbecue sauces would be great. What I really want is some kind of dry rub. I don’t know though I’m open suggestions. I searched already and just haven’t found what I really want yet. Any ideas?

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Answer by martypartycoocoo
use italian dressing as a marinade, all night, then slow cook on the bbq pit. when they are almost done, add bbq sauce. hope you made a money bet, cause you are gonna win!

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