The Haunting of Sunshine Girl – Mom has a weird accident… So my mom had this accident and I wasn’t sure if I should post it or not but then the thing happened at the end and now it seems like it definitely has something to do with the ghost… I guess. I don’t know, anyway I’m kinda upset about it so I don’t know what to do. Just get over it I guess. It was probably just an accident.

Kenton Duty & Caroline Sunshine ‘Shake It Up’ Interview – Become a Fan of ClevverTV! Kenton Duty and Caroline Sunshine stopped by the ClevverTV Lounge to talk about ‘Shake It Up’ and what it is like doing interviews together, preparing to shoot season two, and working with Michelle Obama on the Magic of Healthy Living campaign. Kenton Duty and Caroline Sunshine also talked to us about spending time at Disney World, how they first met, what happens behind the scenes on the show, secrets that fans may not know about them, activities they do outside of work, the best summer candy, the process of forming their accents, their favorite destination to go to be exchange students, and what we can expect for season two and what dance crew they want to guest star. Kenton Duty plays Günther Hessenheffer on Shake It Up and Caroline Sunshine plays Tinka Hessenheffer.
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The Haunting of Sunshine Girl – Mom gives an update about the creepy witch lady. Hey so my mom wanted to do a quick video. I try to keep her off camera, LOL, but she thought it would be a good idea and I agree with her. Anyway, check it out.
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Cooking With Kids: Sunshine Lemon Smoothies

Inspired by the reality of Childhood eating disorders and the lack of time families spend in the kitchen together, Cooking With Kids television segments were designed to motivate parents and children to cook healthy, nutritious meals together. The 10 segments of Cooking With Kids are shown in classrooms throughout Washington State, and received great feedback! To get your FREE Cooking With Kids DVD and educational packet filled with worksheets, please email this account or call (206) 682-3699. (Sorry- unable to ship internationally) Also, don’t forget to check out