December 5 2007 day 55 – Pigging out, and dreading the blood sugar spike

December 5 2007 day 55 – Pigging out, and dreading the blood sugar spike
Low Fat
Image by DeathByBokeh
I’ve acquired a new vice: when I’m stressed out, I bake. Today was no different. I experimented with a new recipe for low-fat pumpkin cheesecake. It looked good coming out of the oven, so I thought I’d have a slice for dessert before I pop it into the refrigerator. So I bolused for one slice. Well, as you can see, I ended up eating almost half of it. Those blood sugars sure are going to be interesting in an hour… Don’t ya just love diabetes, and how it takes the spontaneity out of eating?

Update: 2 hours later, I’m going low at 67. Sigh… Maybe I should have eaten the whole thing…

There is no cure for diabetes, yet.

Recipe at

Does anyone know of a low fat low salt low sugar Thanksgiving vegetable side dish?

Question by Val: Does anyone know of a low fat low salt low sugar Thanksgiving vegetable side dish?
I am going to my in-laws for turkey day. My father in-law just got out the hospital and is on a strict diet. Any help w/ the menu? I am suppose to bring a vegetable casserole side dishs. Help I need suggestions. Thanks happy turkey day to all.

Best answer:

Answer by Auntie Anne Arkey
The term cassarole is pretty much an oxymoron with low fat, low salt.

How Thanksgiving-y does it have to be? Ratatouile is a great “cassarole” dish that definitely fits the bill.

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Sugar Blues and greens

Sugar Blues and greens
Crash Diets
Image by Mona Loldwoman (Look for the good)
February’s First Challenge
"what can you do with cookies" and please go outside of the box on this one literally!
I stayed outside of the bag.
I haven’t spent this much time on the cookie aisle in 35 years.

See other challenge photos at:
Monday Photo Challenges and Thursday Retreads

I’ve been a little busy this last week preparing for the ‘big’ ice storm, dealing with flickering electricity for three days during ad after the storm, ( trying to stay off the computers for fear of a power surge, even with protectors you can crash a system ) followed by the inevitable power outage, This time for only 39 ¾ hours. The next time we have a spare 0.00 we Are getting a generator. I knew there was a reason I had kept my old battery powered cassette player, We listened to episodes of “The Shadow”, Orson Wells’ “War of the Worlds” and “The Bickersons”. I miss old radio shows. They are so descriptive and allow your mind to really blossom. It was… Fun this time. We were prepared. 😀

COOKIES ARE EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN.!!! All the good ones contain sugar. Sugar is EVIL.
I paid dearly for That Pie at Thanksgiving. But boy oh boy was it worth it. There are times I would die for an Oreo double stuff.! And occasionally take the risk. Lol.
I allow myself two pieces of sweet a day. My own rules, no medical reason other than a book I read in 1974 called “Sugar Blues”.. That is when I took refined sugar out of my diet .
Surely you know by now, I’m going to have something extra for you.
You really should make time and read the second link. At least go there, mark it and come back to it another day. I have pulled a few key paragraphs and placed them below.
Sugar Blues
Sugar Blues is a book by William Dufty that was released in 1975 and became a commercial success. According to the publishers, over 1.6 million copies have been printed.
In the book, Dufty makes the case that sugar is an addictive drug, that it is extremely harmful to the human body, and that the sugar industry conspires to keep Americans addicted to sugar.
The book’s central argument is that a small dietary change, eliminating refined sugar, can make a huge difference in how good one is able to feel physically and mentally.
John Lennon was a strong supporter of the book.
Dufty compares sugar to opium, morphine, and heroin, and calls sugar companies "pushers". He blamed sugar for everything from acne and scurvy to bubonic plague.

One of the most powerful ‘Lobby’ groups in Washington is.
THE NUTRITION FOUNDATION INC,. a front organization for the leading sugar-pushing conglomerates in the food business, including the American Sugar Refining Company, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Curtis Candy Co., General Foods, General Mills, Nestlé Co., Pet Milk Co. and Sunshine Biscuits-about 45 such companies in all.

In the 1930s, a research dentist from Cleveland, Ohio, Dr Weston A. Price, traveled all over the world-from the lands of the remote Alaska to the South Sea Islands, from Africa to New Zealand. His Nutrition and Physical Degeneration: A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects, which is illustrated with hundreds of photographs, was first published in 1939.
Dr Price took the whole world as his laboratory. His devastating conclusion, recorded in horrifying detail in area after area, was simple. People who live under so-called backward primitive conditions had excellent teeth and wonderful general health. They ate natural, unrefined food from their own locale. As soon as refined, sugared foods were imported as a result of contact with "civilization", physical degeneration began in a way that was definitely observable within a single generation.
Any credibility the sugar pushers have is based on our ignorance of works like that of Dr Price. Sugar manufacturers keep trying, hoping and contributing generous research grants to colleges and universities; but the research laboratories never come up with anything solid the manufacturers can use. Invariably, the research results are bad news.

Dextrose, also called "corn sugar", is derived synthetically from starch. Fructose is fruit sugar. Maltose is malt sugar. Lactose is milk sugar. Sucrose is refined sugar made from sugar cane and sugar beet.

"Made from natural ingredients", the television sugar-pushers tell us about product after product. The word "from" is not accented on television. It should be. Even refined sugar is made from natural ingredients. There is nothing new about that. The natural ingredients are cane and beets. But that four-letter word "from" hardly suggests that 90 per cent of the cane and beet have been removed. Heroin, too, could be advertised as being made from natural ingredients. The opium poppy is as natural as the sugar beet. It’s what man does with it that tells the story.
If you want to avoid sugar in the supermarket, there is only one sure way. Don’t buy anything unless it says on the label prominently, in plain English: "No sugar added". Use of the word "carbohydrate" as a "scientific" word for sugar has become a standard defense strategy with sugar pushers and many of their medical apologists. It’s their security blanket.
One lump of sugar in your coffee after a sandwich is enough to turn your stomach into a fermenter. One soda with a hamburger is enough to turn your stomach into a still. Sugar on cereal-whether you buy it already sugared in a box or add it yourself-almost guarantees acid fermentation.

The average American consumes an astounding two pounds of sugar each week, which is not surprising considering that highly refined sugars in the forms of sucrose (table sugar), dextrose (corn sugar), and high-fructose corn syrup are being processed into so many foods such as BREAD, breakfast CEREALl, KETCHUP, MAYONNAISE, PEANUT BUTTER, SPAGETTI SAUCE, and a plethora of microwave meals.
An average American consumes147 pounds of sweeteners each year.
Monoglycerides used in some ice creams are a possible cancer causing agent in test animals.

ALL current research supports the above information.
Scary huh.

OREO’s, a cookie to die for!!!!

000 – 006 Cookies mosaicfr1c

What are some low fat foods that taste good without a lot of sugar?

Question by Jessy: What are some low fat foods that taste good without a lot of sugar?
As in, foods that are healthy, low fat, and low sugar.

Best answer:

Answer by Kathy Miller
Since I am not sure what types of food you are looking for, I will give you some dinner ideas

For dinner, most chili recipes are healthy and low fat. For some great choices

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Vanilla sugar!

Vanilla sugar!
Low Fat Cooking
Image by ttstam
Instead of extracting the flavor of the pods into the milk, we are going to make vanilla sugar. The pods are cut up into 10 cm (4 inch) segments, then mixed into sugar (I used granulated, organic cane sugar). Then, just let time do its magic.

You can make home-made vanilla extract this way too – just toss the pods into a bottle and follow with a couple shots of vodka.

PCC sells vanilla pods at 89c each. You can get a bottle of good Polish vodka (Chopin, Belevedere) for .00. The same might get you a bottle of good vanilla bourbon at a grocery store, but you’re paying through the nose there.

A couple shots of vodka for the extract, and the rest can be saved for personal consumption 🙂 Plus you know that quality ingredients, instead of grain alcohol so bad that they couldn’t feed to winos, went into the final product, and nothing went to waste.