Duo caught stealing crash helmets

Duo caught stealing crash helmets
KUCHING: Shopping mall security guards caught two men moments after they stole crash helmets at a nearby parking bay on Friday. The incident happened around 9.45pm when a 16-year-old boy and his girlfriend went to pick up their motorcycle at the Jalan Simpang Tiga mall.
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Thanks to This Week’s Advertisers
We would like to take a moment to thank this week’s advertisers on Chicagoist. Lexus , introducing the new 2011 IS. Wield Precision. Amtrak Pere Marquette , your ride to the world’s largest ArtPrize at Grand City Rapids, going on now thru Oct 10th! GroupOn , using collective buying power to bring you one ridiculous coupon each day. American Apparel , with 4 stores in Chicago, you can look your …
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Is it stealing if you use a coupon to get free rentals from redbox?

Question by xmizzruwadi08: Is it stealing if you use a coupon to get free rentals from redbox?
My boyfriend uses the same coupon each time and he hasn’t paid for a rental for some time now. I think it’s stealing but he doesn’t. What do you guys think? Also, do you think red box will eventually catch up with him if he does it over and over again? He uses his credit card each time.

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Answer by dwizzle
what do you think

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