A Star (Tip) is Born

A Star (Tip) is Born
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A ridiculously simple "Devil’s Food" style cupcake recipe baked up incredibly flat – unnerving to say the least when you’re expecting nice domed tops – but I took a bowl’s worth of frosting, a piping bag and a giant star tip and made the ugly ducklings into proverbial elegant swans.

The crowning glory was that I made these for my notoriously picky sister… and she declared these cupcakes "delicious chocolatey goodness". High praise indeed!


BébéSounds Dreamy Star Automatic Nightlight

BébéSounds Dreamy Star Automatic Nightlight

  • Comes in a star shape as a one-pack
  • It measures approximately 4.25H x 3W x 1.5D
  • Comes in a neutral color to match any décor
  • The automatic turn on/turn off feature makes it energy efficient

The Dreamy Star Automatic Nightlight comforts your child when it’s bedtime. It’s got a built-in sensor that automatically turns on the light when the room gets dark – then turns it off when the room is bright. The soft, gentle light gives off a glow that’s warm and soothing — perfect for those late-night checkups without disturbing your sleeping baby. Ideal for the nursery, hallway, or anywhere you need a soft light. The playful, decorative star shape comes in a neutral color to match any d cor.

List Price: $ 3.94

Price: $ 3.99

Help Bethlehem’s Short Order Mom become the next food blog star

Help Bethlehem’s Short Order Mom become the next food blog star
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