What is the name of the song used in the ad campaign from WorkCover New South Wales, titled “Homecomings”?

Question by allyally14: What is the name of the song used in the ad campaign from WorkCover New South Wales, titled “Homecomings”?
WorkCover NSW commenced a compelling awareness campaign on 27 January 2007 focusing on the broader impact that a workplace injuries can have on home and family. Titled ‘Homecomings’ the campaign, brings home the message about the importance of staying safe at work in order to return home to your family safely.

The campaign’s theme, workplace safety doesn’t just affect you at work – it affects your whole family, emphasises the importance of placing a high value on safety, in a personal way.
The campaign and concept was originated by WorkSafe Victoria and adapted for WorkCover NSW, following the successful impact of the Victorian campaign, which ran in 2006. It is an example of the States working together to harmonise key areas of occupational health and safety and workers compensation.

The campaign’s message is an important one for the whole community as workplace injuries bear a heavy social and financial cost. In 2004/05 there were 125 work related fatalities in NSW were 50,000 serious injuries (they are injuries with more than 5 days off work) and over a billion dollars in costs. The campaign includes an advertising element which will air on television as well as radio, newspapers and buses in metropolitan, regional and ethnic media across NSW.

There are many reasons for staying safe at work. One of the most important reasons is to ensure a safe return home to friends and family. Workplace injuries can affect employers, colleagues and the community. In a worst case scenario workplace incidents can cost lives. There are simple things people can do to help safety at work, such as reporting hazards and risks if you identify them, following safe work methods and cooperating with employers instructions.

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could you give a link to the commercial at least? some more info to work with?

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