Are there any coupon sites that do not require a cell phone or downloading a program?

Question by Bluegenes77: Are there any coupon sites that do not require a cell phone or downloading a program?
The various coupon sites I’ve visited (HEB, Kroger, etc) require a cell phone (probably a smart phone, which I don’t have). They also require you to download a program my virus scanner thinks is suspicious. Are there any sites with coupons on common items that don’t require this?

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Answer by Geek mom
All the usual ones ( for example) pretty much need a downloader. It’s not a program really, just something they use to make sure you have a limit of printable coupons. The only ones that MAY not require a program may be Walgreens, CVS, that sort of stuff. Oh! And ‘liking’ Facebook page deal coupons I don’t think require programs!

Edit: A lot of stores also have coupons and deal papers right by the front. Generally on your right hand side within 10 feet of the door. You cna just grab some of those and save the papers!

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What adoption related blogs or sites are you reading right now?

Question by Gershom: What adoption related blogs or sites are you reading right now?
I recently discovered ChildLaw and its REALLY GOOD.

Does anyone else have a favorite adoption related blog or site they want to share?
Hey thanks for some new links, some here I haven’t seen or heard of before so I’m stoked on that! Especially the China ones. I appreciate it thank you!

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Answer by spydermomma
I heart Childlaw.

Also the wonderful Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute:

Desiree and Usha’s Fleas Biting:

And for China, Brian Stuy’s blog, Research China:

And so many blogs from adult adoptees, it makes my head spin (and keeps me up till, ahem, almost 2am yet again), including many who post here (Possum, Amy, Jae-Ran, Harlow’s Monkey, Ethnically Incorrect Daughter, late lamented Twice the Rice, and many others). And some from adoptive parents also (Third Mom, Just enjoy him, Clueless in Carolina). And first moms’ also. I need to go to bed, or I would post highlights. Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow.

And can’t resist throwing in the related (for me at least) blogs on Race:


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What are some good web sites or magazine references for healthy living/healthy eating habits?

Question by BJ: What are some good web sites or magazine references for healthy living/healthy eating habits?
I am doing a report for my class, and I have no idea of any major sources. Does anyone know of any companies or various groups that promote healthy living/eating?

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Answer by lily
Self Magazine and Chatelaine Magazine are 2 of my favorites I buy every single month. They both focus on important issues rather than who’s dating who. Self deals mostly with work out ideas, and healthy eating, and anything that’ll bring you closer to being your very best in every aspect of life. Chatelaine has all that plus how to’s such as making the perfect thanksgiving dinner and many many other recipes for those who are fresh out of the nest. Hope this helps. Enjoy! 🙂

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How does internet sites make money?

Question by nanayK: How does internet sites make money?
hi everyone! I’m a stay home mom…so bored actually at home…i wanted to make a website…but here’s the deal, i don’t actually get it…HOW DO these sites make cash??? i know you need to create traffic, a few links to go with it..but how do these sites earn cash if they basically don’t sell anything? example are the blogs/forum sites…
do they spend a lot of bucks for domain fees just to be an informative site??? aaaargh! pls help!

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Answer by Angie
The free information on websites are actually baits to lure the visitors into buying different products. If ever come across sites where they’ll provide you some information and then they’ll mention about various products in between saying these products actually help me prove what i am talking about. So it is a form of advertisement. About blogs and Forums. Some have blogs just for fun. To post about whats happening in their lives and stuff.. But others give away those information to drive more traffic and once they get good traffic they apply for google adsense which is the advertisements you see on right left of in between the page.. They work on pay per click basis. So if you read that post and happen to click one of those advertisements, Google pays you for that.. Google in turn gets paid by the advertisers.. Big companies or website owners provide these information so that the visitors would be impressed and buy their products. In the real world you might have heard of Free Samples. Well it is exactly like that..
HOpe i helped clear your doubts..

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Anyone know of good free online grocery coupon sites?

Question by Emily Dew: Anyone know of good free online grocery coupon sites?
Never did grocery coupons before, but I’m ready to start now that the price of food is going up. I’ve Googled coupon sites and there are many, but it seems like most of them charge a membership fee. That seems ridiculous to me as it negates the whole point of using coupons. Does anyone know of any good free coupon websites? Thanks!

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Answer by Tori
Hey is great for coupons. They have magazines also but all of the coupons are online. You may print out multiple sheets of single coupons, double, or however many coupons you need. Try it out. It’s a great site for all your coupon needs!

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What are some good resources or sites that you think would be helpful for moms or moms to be?

Question by What are some good resources or sites that you think would be helpful for moms or moms to be?
I have a diaper cake and baby shower gift website. I created a page “resources for mom” to help moms or moms to be find baby registries, coupons and mommy relates site.

Here is the link:

I am looking for suggestions on new baby websites, blogs, anything that you think is helpful to moms.


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Answer by MAMA

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How to Select the Best Coupon Internet Sites

How to Select the Best Coupon Internet Sites

The internet as we have come to realize offers more than information. There are many occasions when you can find coupons for a variety of items. These internet based coupons range from office supplies to food products to even makeup. With so many items to choose from you will need to select the coupon internet sites that interest you.

These sites will have different types of coupons and the terms for these items will be different. For this reason before you download or print any coupon internet site terms should be understood. In this manner you have the ability to choose the items that you want, at the prices that you want and you can avoid getting into difficulties.

At times you will need to make sure that your internet coupons are valid for a period of time that is longer than a few days. This way you can see the various products that are available with the coupon internet sites will have the valid dates posted clearly on their coupons.

You should check out other web sites before you purchase any item with internet coupons. Sometimes you will find other web sites that can sell you low priced products that you want. And these products may be even lower in price than that of your previous coupon internet choices.

As these different coupons are also valid for only a certain time period you might find that buying regular low priced products to be a good value. You will however need to look at the price ranges that your non coupon use will yield to you.

Besides using any of the coupons that are readily available via the internet you may want to combine the coupon internet printable ones that you have chosen with your traditional coupons from the various department store magazines.

These many different coupons will allow you to look through a wide range of products that you can buy for your household and office needs. There are some stores who will provide you added discounts just for using one of their coupons. These offers can help reduce your shopping bills yet further.

While the internet is for many people a place to look for information, for others it is another place where they can do their shopping and hunt for bargain coupons. The many coupon internet sites will provide you with the opportunity of looking for the best bargains right in your home.

All of this means that when you finally find the right coupon internet link that will let you use the different coupons in the various online stores, you can be sure of getting great deals all around. Coupons are the best way to buy your products and save money and a coupon internet site will provide you with this fantastic bargain choice.

Muna wa Wanjiru is a web administrator and has been researching and reporting on internet marketing for years. For more information on coupon internet, visit his site at COUPON INTERNET