Guide To Healthy Eating: 7 Secrets For Smart Shoppers

Guide To Healthy Eating: 7 Secrets For Smart Shoppers

Discover, know and understand the deceptive practices surrounding the foods most people eat (also known as the “Standard American Diet”) and why so many are overweight and unhealthy as a result, including:

– Why food today is so unhealthy… Processed foods, fast foods & convenience foods all lack
nutrition… Here’s why…

– The real story on partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated oils… and why you want to eliminate them from your meals… Now!

– Just how many ways can sugar be “hidden” in the list of ingredients on the label? You may be shocked at all the synonyms that can mean sugar… And, Yes, there’s a bunch of them…

– Think artificial sweeteners are better for you than all that sugar… Think again and Fast!

– The sneaky reason why MSG is used in a wide variety of foods and No, it’s not just Chinese take-out…

And Much More!

Lynn Salter, a Professional Health and Wellness Coach, helps those wanting to transition to eating healthy and establishing permanent, healthy habits through both individual and group coaching.

In July 2004, she and her family began establishing a healthier way of eating and now Lynn helps others understand what eating healthy really means through her wellness presentations and coaching.m

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Price: $ 19.95

Guiding Stars® Launches “Food Finder,” an Online Smart Tool to Help Shoppers Identify and Make More Nutritious Food …

Guiding Stars® Launches “Food Finder,” an Online Smart Tool to Help Shoppers Identify and Make More Nutritious Food …
SCARBOROUGH, Maine–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With healthier eating a top priority for many Americans, Guiding Stars–the world’s first storewide nutrition guidance program–and Wellness Layers announced the public beta release of a new search engine called the “Food Finder.” This nutrition guidance tool is available on Guiding Stars’ website, and will allow shoppers to search more than 50,000 foods in the …
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Discount Coupon Codes: Boon for recession-stricken shoppers

Discount Coupon Codes: Boon for recession-stricken shoppers

Shopping in these recession-stricken times is quite a nightmare for compulsive shoppers. How can someone shop with peace of mind when he/ she has to worry about the rising prices all the time? Fortunately, many companies with online stores have thought of this problem, and taken care of it adequately as well. The discount coupons introduced by these companies have made shopping a more comfortable experience for shoppers who just can’t live without getting their hands on the latest perfume launched in the market or the must-have trendy leather jacket that just popped up in stores last week.

Discount coupons provided by the companies offer some relief to the wallets and purses of many compulsive shoppers every day. Besides, most of the online sites include shipping costs in the bill, and take care of the shipping as well. This helps in saving the fuel cost that shoppers would otherwise have to bear, in order to carry the items back to their home in their cars. Some of the useful benefits that these coupons provide are as follows:

1.Price cuts: Some coupons flatly deduct a portion of the total cost of an item or a collection of items. These are quite beneficial to consumers who purchase all of their items from the same store. For instance, a shopper purchasing a item with a 50% discount coupon will have to pay only . Some discount coupons offer discounts on single items or particular items, while other coupons waive a percentage off the total bill of the items purchased by the consumer. So, for an total shopping bill with a 20% discount coupon, the consumer will only have to shell out . Both types of discount coupons are great for shoppers with a tight budget.

2.Free Shipping: This type of coupons work best if the buyer stays at a long distance away from the shop. These coupons, as the name suggests, waive all shipping charges of a particular item or a set of items. This is particularly useful if the buyer has purchased a number of items, which would take quite a good amount of item from the buyer’s wallet just to have it shipped to his/ her home.

3.Deferred payment: This can act as a major incentive for buyers who buy items during specific seasons. These coupons allow customers to have the items on a credit basis, and to pay for it in installments when the next season arrives. This is great, because a customer buying a woolen jacket for the winter won’t have to pay for it until the winter arrives the following year.

Discount coupons are one of the best tools that help a consumer to purchase a lot of new stuff without feeling the bite of recession so much. Most companies with online stores

Get great discounts on shopping online. Find the discount coupons & coupon codes to popular online stores only at

Motivating Shoppers With Online Coupons

Motivating Shoppers With Online Coupons

Last time we discussed how online coupons and promotion codes can motivate buyers. We discussed examples of coupons and some of the aspects of these offers that can boost sales and generate urgency to a purchase. Today we’ll focus on how to create great landing pages and the use of affiliate programs to further enhance your marketing efforts.

Creating good online coupons to offer customers is not the only thing you need to do to maximize your sales. Using an enticing landing page that meets the customer with the deal they’re being offered is also an effective tool leading to a sale. There are two ways that let the customer know the benefit of the coupon they’re using, and both can be equally appealing choices.

Option 1 to creating an appealing landing page for a coupon is to restate the coupons terms and offers and to reiterate the promotion code that needs to be entered upon checkout. This way the customer knows they are getting the deal they had anticipated receiving, and makes them aware of potential expiration on getting the discount. As we discussed in our previous article, that sense of urgency is a good way to provoke your shoppers into a buy mentality.

Option 2 takes this a step further by automatically applying the coupon at checkout, so when the customer gets to the checkout page, their discount code is applied and actively showing them their deal. This also benefits the customer because they don’t need to go back to get the code, where they can be distracted from the point of purchase. By adding something to the landing page like “Your 10% coupon code will be automatically applied at checkout” in a highly visible area, you are able to keep customers from being confused about what they’re getting. You can also use cookies so the next time they visit, if they remember their coupon, they will be more likely to realize they can still get a great discount.

Affiliate programs can also be beneficial when used with coupons to promote your products or sales. New and expiring coupons are littered on coupon web sites throughout the internet bringing more attention to you! Just check out this coupon code homepage for an example of who can be displaying your coupon. In addition, many affiliates will be happy to promote your store when you have a great coupon code or promotion to offer. These high traffic sites bring a ton of added exposure and drive a large customer base of shoppers ready to buy – you know this because they clicked on your coupon! Another secret tip to getting affiliates to put your coupons on their homepage is to increase commissions temporarily upon proof of good placement. Sometimes these affiliate sites can get many more buyers than your own!

Coupons have migrated to the web in a big way, and should be a part of any serious marketing campaign. If you aren’t using online coupon codes and one time deals to promote your site, you’re missing the boat on driving incremental customers to buy your products.

Importance Of Discount Coupon Site For The Shoppers

Importance Of Discount Coupon Site For The Shoppers

Shoppers have a tendency to save on money. Whether it is off-site or onsite shopping, shoppers tend to flock to stores where they get to buy things cheap. So high is the temptation to save on money, that even concern for quality tends to slip out of their minds. To cash in on this general perception, manufacturers and retailers have always tried to lure shoppers with rebates. And this method of boosting sales has worked since times immemorial.

With the advent of the computer and internet, shopping has become unimaginably simple. Today every manufacturer and retailer has an online presence. Things have come to such a pass, that you are spotted only if you have a web presence. This has made business in all spheres very competitive. No sooner clients come to your site than they leave it for another site. Hooking a customer’s attention has become difficult like never before. Offering quality and fanciful items are just not enough to entice a buyer. The most infallible way to draw customers is to provide discounts.  So, online marketing is all about discounts. Competition demands that you come out with more fabulous discount offers on a regular basis. Only then customers will return to your site to check the newest items.  

The mad rush to augment sales has made companies outdo the other with their discount offers. Every sphere of online marketing is flooded with innumerable discount offers. All this has turned the mindset of online shoppers on its head. Shoppers now check out sites more for discounts than anything else. So, it should come as no surprise that discount coupon sites are of huge importance to shoppers.

Discount sites have a huge list of sites that provide discounts on a variety of items. The discounts may be in form of coupons or free shipping or even buy one get one free offer. Avid buyers visit these sites to get the best bargain. Many times the visit is marked by an addicted curiosity than a desire to buy.

With online marketing slowly taking over all other types of marketing, discount coupon sites will be of growing importance to shoppers.

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Coupon shoppers by the numbers
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